2020 year in review

Since this wasn’t posted in the news section for us.


Dead ass… they forgot the first DLC they released! The Handsome Jackpot… HELLO

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That was released in 2019, this is a review of 2020. Maliwan Takedown isn’t in there for that reason also.


I will admit that they did a lot for the game, HOWEVER none of it means a thing when you still have performance issues and fixes that still need addressed since the game released that your customers has been asking for.

Yeah you added quite of bit of new accessories to my car however you still haven’t fixed the engine


And I remember everything going wrong every time they did something :rofl:

Mayhem 2.0 was almost a meme before it launched :joy:

And then they screwed it up just like we all predicted :ok_hand:


M2.0 was probably their biggest fiasco of the year and, you’re right, we pretty much predicted all of it the moment they told us it was coming.

Also M11 doesn’t give us the “ultimate flexibility to determine their endgame experience” as Graeme states. And it was not what we’ve been asking for. It is “better” than M10, but if anything, it removes flexibility. Either we have to deal with modifiers, or we have to be stuck on the hardest difficulty (or easiest if we go the other direction).


Ah so they shat again on the forum members. Neglecting and ignoring their own forum.


Ah, but it makes them (GBX devs) feel better. Pat themselves on the back because none of us will.
They pretty much ruined what started out as a very promising game.
DLC1 and the Maliwan Takedown set a high standard going into this year.

DLC2 was good, DLC3 ok, and DLC 4 a plain rip off. So much lacking in DLC4.

The Cartel event was fantastic, outside of the fact that MH2.0 dropped along with it. MH2.0 proved the devs had no clue why people played their game. What happened with the original MH already presented a very valid road map what the majority of the player base enjoyed. Instead they doubled down going the exact opposite direction and have been shedding players since.


I know some may disagree and some have but I respect their opinion however it is pretty clear as you said that GBX chose to follow another path with BL3. Me personally I think the streamer crowd certainly had a influence on how this game has developed and how it was handled this past year.

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It’s not that they shifted an other way with mayhem 2.0

And people asked for more mayhem levels :wink:

Mayhem 2.0 was really buggy, badly balanced and most mods where broken…

Now that they patches the living crap out of it, balance is better and mods aren’t as broken… But,

They shot themselves in the foot with weaponscaling, beating the purpose of increasing difficulty which they wanted to add through mods. However, mods did not work out in their favor and most people found them plain annoying…
Other then that there where favorable ones, ones that would blind you and ones that just got ignored (or abused)

Some examples,
Bobble head mod… This just looks silly and IMHO should be used in an event instead.

Elemental immunity… Plain bad any way you look at it (I played with fire immunity and appart from the hellwalker I never use fire damage)

Healy avenger… Probably the best one out of them all…

The immunity drone (forgot the name) clips through everything and more often then not makes it impossible to hit

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Has it been 1 year already? Damn… I couldn’t really notice, given how this game still feels like it was released yesterday, due to all the bugs from day one still present to this day…

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