2021 Re-release of Tales

Having been introduced to the BL universe a bit late (2017) and becoming totally immersed in BL2 for the first two years, the only Tales I ever played was Episode 1. So when I saw that GB was re-releasing it this month, I had to have it. It didn’t disappoint.

Since the threads here are bit dusty, I thought I’d add a new one. I just finished my first playthrough on XB1 and enjoyed it very much. The graphics were crisp, the sound was great, the play was smooth and I truly enjoyed the story. I’m eager to do it again and see if new things can be gleaned from the story by making different choices . I also can’t help but wonder what it will do if I make everyone an ass through their dialogue choices. :upside_down_face: Knowing that this could create a problem for the boss fight. :roll_eyes:
Reading some of threads here I see that some found the ending overly soft, sappy, nice or something along those lines. But I thought it worked, for the most part.

Anyway, I feel like it was well worth the $20. :+1:
I’m curious if anyone has played the old edition and the new edition. I’m wondering if GB reworked it or it’s about the same.


Nice, I’m glad you got to experience Tales in its entirety for the first time!

About the ending, Telltale wanted to keep a lighter tone compared to the final episodes of their other series, and I think it worked well for the Borderlands universe anyway.

The only differences between the original version and the re-release are that the first showed a page at the end of each episode highlighting major choices and the percentage of players that took them (like “x% of players trusted Fiona/Jack” etc.) with a short comment about it. At the end of episode 5, it would also show the choice percentage for the vault hunter team members. This was lost in the newer release, but it also got some minor bug fixes (Zer0’s voice used to be slightly messed up, a camera angle in episode 5 was corrected etc.).


Probably because it relied on TTG servers to track the info, and I don’t think those are around any more. You could create an account to see more detailed stats on your choices than were shown in-game. It was interesting to see how popular/unpopular certain choices were though.


The choice stats would have been a nice feature. I saw a list of major choices and percentages on the Tales wiki and wondered where those came from.

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Just got an update on XB1 for each episode of TftB for some reason. Be interesting to know what they are for!