21:9 cutscenes support!

i have bought the collectors edition and the game is great BUT i have a dell 21:9 extra wide screen , resolution 2560x1080
the game plays great BUT the cutscenes are croped!! i lose 30% of bottom and top!!
in order to see them right i have to change resolution to 1920x1080 and then they are normal.
its sad to have ingame a great support for 21:9 and not the videos.
anyone else noticed this?? just play a cutscene in 2560x1080 and then try it in normal 1920x1080 and the the differences!!

I spanned two monitors and notice the cutscene was rescaled to fit, and cropped. :C

i would imagine that making them not resize and crop and just keep their original ration would be simple.

You think that bad… I’m using a triple monitor setup with surround at 5760x1080 its like sitting a foot outside you front door and trying to watch you big screen T.V through the letterbox :slight_smile: hopefully something might get done about it once the bigger stuff has been ironed out. fingers crossed…