21:9 how to unstretch?

Just got a UW monitor, looks like BB doesn’t support 21:9 and stretches the sides. This messes with my eyes and aim. Any way to disable this and just end up with the black sides? (besides going window mode)

First of all, check the monitor settings in the monitor itself while the game is running to make sure it isn’t defaulting to stretch when the signal changes, then maybe try editing the default resolution in the *.ini in the game folder.

It’s not the monitor stretching it, especially since it’s A; a computer which always sends the resolution set by the operating system, and B; you can see the games maximum render in all other screens.

Your video card sends the raw image to your monitor which then determines how that image is displayed (unless you have GPU scaling enabled). If you tell us the model of your monitor we might be able to help or you can try editing your ini as previously suggested to force a UW resolution.

Ok, maybe check your graphics card settings and make sure the scaling is being performed on the GPU instead of in game.

I don’t think we’re on the same page here. I’m talking about the stretching along the left/right edges, dynamic scaling/fisheye effect. The resolution being sent from the video card is 3440x1440 regardless of the resolution of the game itself, especially since I use borderless windowed mode, so there is no scaling being done on the display.

Not if scaling is set to the display…

I don’t know if you just don’t understand how this actually works or if you are intentionally ignoring the rest of the details;

Once again the resolution output from the game is native resolution, but they scale the render. Which I don;t like.

And you can’t set a 21:9 resolution in game settings?

You can, but it seems to be stretching the image to meet the resolution. Imagine there is a square box in the center of your screen, it’s square in the middle 1/2, now imagine as it moves through the 1/4 on each side it gets more and more rectangular.

Oh, that’s interesting. Doesn’t look like a bug but a feature to compensate extra-width of the monitor (it’s other than “stretch because doesn’t support”).

I believe it’s easy to run this game in a 16:9 resolution with black stripes on sides in fullscreen mode. Is it an option for you? Otherwise I’d contact Gearbox support.

Just set your video card’s scaling to “GPU” from the Nvidia/AMD driver tools, not Windows Appearence settings. I’m betting it is set to “in game”.

If not it then it is your monitor automatically performing some sort of post processing because no games that I am aware of force stretching.

Your solution to that is to change the settings in the actual monitor or edit the *.ini and force an “in game” resolution that is compatible with your monitor, which may be a trial and error solution.

Yes, my monitor is magically scaling only battleborn and none of the other output, I appreciate the attempt at help, but please bother to read the thread before replying and/or if you do not actually understand the topic refrain from attempts to help, because once again, this is LITERALLY impossible unless you’re going to try to convince me of multiple discrete signals being sent to the monitor which then processes and overlays each separately (no)

I think this might actually be more of a problem with how they handled camera positioning and FOV the more time I spend on it.

I read your original post. You didn’t include any information about your monitor, your GPU, or your OS and in my replies I have attempted to provide a comprehensive breakdown on possible solutions should any one else be having the same issue.

As far as I know, either a game supports HOR+ scaling or it doesn’t and the FOV is locked to the aspect ratio. Since 21:9 gets a big thumbs down in competitive online circles because they’re uncommon, the FOV in Battleborn is likely locked to 16:9 aspect ratio.

So the problem is one or more of three things causing a conflict, GPU control panel settings, monitor settings, and in game settings. Adjusting one or more of those will get you some black bars, none of those will get you 21:9

Like I said, if you bothered to read the thread, we wouldn’t be here right now. For the last time, monitor scaling is 110% ruled out. And for the record, scaling is disabled literally everywhere it can be.

Let’s pretend for a second that we live in a world where nothing has been ruled out and you are still having a problem.

What make and model 21:9 monitor do you have?

What GPU do you have?

Look guy, I understand you’re trying to help, but you don’t even understand the question I’m asking, let alone that it’s clear you don’t understand the “problem” you think I have and are trying to fix. So again, while I appreciate the attempt to help, I am trying not to waste my time with what is not a problem.

It’s like trying to talk to internet support when you know the trunk line has been severed but they still want to troubleshoot your modem and have you replace your Ethernet cable. That’s our current relationship, get it?

I get it. You are a computer science major and I am a lowly L1 tech support. You couldn’t possibly be overthinking this and I probably should just go ahead and re-provision your modem.

What monitor are you using?

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That’s strange. Aside from lobby chat box not appearing properly (they’re fixing it soon according to GB,) everything else works perfectly fine for me in 21:9. And the game doesn’t stretch nor display in 16:9 with black bars.

Maybe for comparison sake you could share your monitor, gpu, and ingame graphics settings (resolution, FOV slider, etc.)