21:9 resolutions cut off in game UI elements (see screenshots)

2560 x 1440

3440 x 1440

In 3440x1440 mode, I can’t see the menus at the bottom of the map. Played the game for several hours wondering how the hell the maps/fast travel is supposed to work since I couldn’t switch between maps. This makes the game unplayable in 21:9 display modes.

Who knows what other information I’m missing out on because the UI doesn’t scale properly in 21:9 modes.


I’ve got the same problem, seems to have happened with dlc release. Very frustrating.

A work around is here. Please note that x is how you zoom out back to the planetary and Galaxy views when zoomed in on a specific location.

Ya since the games release the 5760x1080 support has steadily gotten worse with laziness from the dev team(I doubt they have QA(too many bugs)). The Halloween release being the first to break the game with the Spooky Tab being sized WRONG(differently to all other existing menus). Then with the first DLC they resized the MAP the same SPOOKY(Wrong) way to break its functionality. Also notice the game no longer loads to my native 5760x1080 it always scales to 1920x1080 now on start up and I have to fiddle with settings to break the scaling so I can get my native 5760x1080 to work again. Widescreen support is going the wrong way.


AH I thought I was going mad the last week ish, ever since the last update. The menu itself on the map seems like it’s zoomed out more than before. Also hovering over the fasttravel stations (itself, the orange symbols) are borked for me too. It’s like everything is out of place on the map.

I’m also having trouble clicking on the challenges tab and such. I have to like click on the bottom part of the bar to get it to work, now I use the ctrl and alt buttons to move it around. Quite annoying.

I play in 2560*1080 btw, if that would help.

One day…. One day this game will function as it was invisioned (I hope before the steam release haha).