21 interface issues (with lots of pictures)

It really does, doesn’t it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But sometimes what you might need is a loving kick on the butt.
We all believe in you guys, you are doing an excellent job and Battleborn is one of the most fun I’ve had with a game in a long time.

We have no shortages of kicks in the butt, loving or otherwise.

I do appreciate the communication though. Wish we could do everything instantly.


Haha. The community is a bit rough, isn’t it?

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While this isn’t going to fix anything, I could probably shed some light into maybe why some of these issues ARE issues.

  1. Font inconsistencies - It’s a custom font, meaning it won’t have the full character set of a generic font and stuff like a user’s name can have a wide variety of characters. I’m using a font that’s similar to the Battleborn font for all my guides (which I have to apply a bunch of styling hacks to get it looking remotely like the actual font) and I have to remove any accent characters like in El Dragon’s name because there’s no character for it in the font. I’m not saying this is the only reason, but it is probably why some things are using the generic font.

  2. Minimap scaling - Possibly bound by texture dimension constraints. There’s also only one texture for each map which probably uses a mipmap for the minimap resolution and not all maps are going to look as good at lower resolutions using auto-generated images.

  3. Gear Card descriptions. This is done manually for each gear instance instead of pulling from a global set of strings, so lots chances for human error. There’s like 780+ items to go through and I’ve seen quite a few inconsistencies while working on my Gear Search app.

This is a good insight. These are definitely some of the reaons.

On Font inconsistencies, some other fun ones you left out:

  • Localization - We have do deal with every text field being possibly 40% longer in German when translated. So, every time you see text in the game, be it in a description paragraph or a button, we have to assume almost half again as much text has to be able to fit in that area. Multiply that with the custom font issue you mention above, and we have some challenges. Sometimes, there is a “best” solution, not a “good” solution

  • Splitscreen and 4:3 - Our UI system doesn’t have fancy “move it where you want” capabilities like other engines. So, we design it once, for eveything. While our splitscreen implementation isn’t my favorite, many of the issue of UI layout come from the attempt to compromise layout between normal view and splitscreen so that we don’t have to spend more time implementing further custom solutions. We CAN do custom solutions, but they are time-consuming, and we have to choose how much time we spend here instead of other UI or polish. And we still are required to support 4:3 aspect ration because the PS4 -can- play in that aspect ratio. It’s a requirement from Sony, so we have to implement custom solutions there as well.

  • Gear Card descriptions are partially automated and partially manually done. That said, as you mention, there are a lot of them. This iteration of the gear system came on fairly late for us (just before Christmas, in fact, after feedback from the CTT). While it builds on previous designs, it was a fairly thorough overhaul. Our internal testing said it was much much more interesting than previous versions, so we went with it, but it did lack some polish time that we needed.

This isn’t even all of what we deal with. :slight_smile: And don’t get me wrong - this is our job. We signed up for this, and for the most part, love what we do. So, I’m not trying to make anyone feel sorry for us. Poor, poor toy makers! But, the technical and project problems are real, and tough. As a creative director, you spend the last year of development slowly watching many of your favorite ideas die to lack of time, and have to make daily choices of whether something is good enough to keep without polish or if if we should cut the features. Those decisions are very hard to make before the game goes to the community.

The best I can say is we tried to make the best decisions possible. And, we’re still working on improving things we didn’t get to touch during core development. Hopefully, over time, we’ll get a lot of these rough edges polished off.


Aww. Can you guys have a stream at some point where you discuss ideas that didn’t make it in the game?

Btw OP, this one is likely due to the extra sections (that we didn’t know about until the Premium Taunts and Skins went live) being hidden while the alignment is still checking against the full sub nav width. All of Battleborn’s UI is built with Scaleform which is basically an optimized version of Flash for game engines, so if you’ve ever played around with it in school like I did, you will know the whole sub nav is probably sitting inside a MovieClip which I think would retain its full width even if sub elements were hidden. It is more complicated than it looks and would only be an issue for someone (after the Marketplace went live) who has bought all the Skins and Taunts (aka very unlikely), which I think would make it a very low priority issue.


I’ll just add here (for anyone reading my posts after the fact) that none of the things I have mentioned are meant as criticisms of the Gearbox devs or anything like that. They are meant to give players a better idea what can contribute to a seemingly “simple issue” and the of the kind of work that is actually involved for someone to go in and fix them. :sunglasses:

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