23/24 Heads and 32/40 Skins is Still the Maximum

It is getting kinda ridiculous that such a simple fix has gone undone for 5 weeks now. 9 cosmetic options in the New-U station are still bugged and unobtainable. I remember submitting a ticket for this on week one.

I bought the game with the expectation of 100% completing it. Currently, these cosmetics are the last thing I need. Please Gearbox, fix the bugged items.

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not only that, I have this bug also that says I am missing exploration and other stuff, idk wtf is going but I completed everything in this game, I dont even have dark areas on the maps anymore, my galaxy is at 102% completion also, and I did all trials/proving grounds like dozens of times Untitled

It’s literally in the patch notes that they’re adding the cosmetics in. How are you going to rant about it on the day they fix it lol.

New ones have been added, no mention of the ones that are in the game but bugged.

Dark areas don’t correspond to exploration. Exploration is decided by location discovery, and there are some that are very very small easter eggs. Like Jason Waterfalls in Floodmoor Basin.

all locations are 100%, crews are 100%, everything is done, galaxy progress 102%, and it shows me that…

The Nog head???