234 Wotan kills Edit: approx 288 kills now... No dedicated loot

Since the latest hotfix where takedown loot pools were supposed to be corrected I figured 8 would take the opportunity to farm for kybs and redistributers… 234 Wotan kills later of just killing the top half and the brain (since we know the leg loot isn’t scaled to Mayhem 10) and not ONE, not a single drop of either e redistributer, kybs or moon fire… Ffs gbx… This is just unacceptable on every level. No wonder the player base has twindled to near nothing. Everytime a hotfix is out to balance or fix issues the game degrades once again. For the love of god… TEST before implementation. In the attempt to fix Wotan’s loot its broken even worse.


GBX: “No! You do it!”



Were these TTD? Or scaled? I’ve noticed that True Take Down has disgusting drop rates while scaled runs yield much more dedicated loot.

It was in TTD, I’ll try it in scaled and see what happens.

I’ll await the update lol good luck

It’s posts like this and my experience with the previous “hotfixes” that didn’t seem to do anything that make me very skeptical of the road map ahead for BL3. I don’t know what is going on over there but not only do they release things in a terrible state it seems they are not able to fix anything, either.




That sucks. On a similar note, I’m a little late to the Amara party and trying to get a spiritual driver. I understand it drops from wotan and also sylvestro? I’m farming syl on m10 but haven’t seen it drop yet. Is there a better mayhem level?

It’s a pretty hard farm, right now I see more of them from wotan than sylvestro but usually that’s not the case. I have an extra I can send you. Psn id lon_wolf917

Since the coms don’t scale yet, drop to mayhem 4 and slaughter sylestro fast and often. It has to be a minimum of 4 for it to drop.

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I always site my 55 kills of Sylestro and Atomic for a Red Suit Shield when I’m complaining about loot drops. I thought that was bad but 234 is ludicrous. That’s why I stopped doing takedowns. The last 20 I did on M4 (prior to 2.0), I got 0 takedown loot items other than 0.M Shields. It’s too much of a time waste.

I get that some things should be rare but when you are farming dedicated loot on M10 and you get to the point where you are wondering if there’s something wrong with the game, the drop rates are too low. I was farming Ion Cannons last night and I was wondering why all dedicated loot sources didn’t always drop at least 1 item from their dedicated loot pool. I was not getting the annointment that I wanted and still had to keep up the grind but at least I knew I could get an Ion Cannon. The loot grind is torture and it makes me take breaks from a game that I actually like a lot.


Couldn’t agree with you more.

What about the m4+ exclusive weapons and class mods? Were you getting those?

I was watching LazyData’s stream and they buffed his m4 weapon drop rate, but not his own exclusive loot pool (or switched it out)

You get tankmans, juju, serv bos, and eruptions like candy, but no wotan dedicated. Just did another 50 or more kills and still haven’t seen a moon fire, redistributer, kybs, or tiggs.

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I gave it about 30 kills before I determined the game is trash. 288 is some serious determination lmao.

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I just couldn’t believe it… Thought I was crazy because other people were telling me they could get wotan gear… But after further investigation they realized they were not. Lol

your topic title and post are significant i hope they dont merge ur topic into others as yours points out the best the devs week.after week patch notes after patch notes are bs.

Yes takedown is still over run by world drop trash and sometimes you get greens purple.blues.

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You see i could guaranteed to see that drop regular.

now everything drops every piece of world drop trash or crap.

They’ve destroyed this games loot


yep, confirmed bugged then

hopefully they fix it by thursday