24 hrs and 18 mins

Till battleborn is ready for play!!!

Edit: 4 hrs 30 mins to go

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The countdown on my PS4 says 23 hours and 57 minutes exactly! YEA!

But who’s counting, right?

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my steam says its release is 38 hours away? im closest to the san francisco time release

Gearbox says may 3 12.00am (Holland) but steam says may 3 5.00pm.
I hope gearbox is right :slight_smile: because I would be able to play in 17h30m

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12 hours away. Oh yesss…

Well I anticipated long ago that I wouldn’t even notice it and then be angry at my machine for taking forever to unpack the preload.

It seems instead I will spend the next couple of days contemplating taking a sledge hammer to my CPU cooler for dying suddenly for no reason. It should give me something to do while I wait for a new one.

21 hours and 48 min…

steam still be saying may 4th :frowning:

Pre-loaded and ready to go… In 18 hours.

Wtf idk why I live in OC California on PS4 I can play it at 9:00pm tonight

I’m in the UK on pc and i have 6.5 hours to wait :stuck_out_tongue:

For some reason certain versions start earlier in certain time zones… it’s one of the most convoluted time schedules I’ve ever seen but whatever - the important thing is it is tonight!

My PS4 states same: 6 hours and 20 minutes then :boom::boom::boom:

Hmm, my PS4 says 7 hours and 18 minutes as of now.

6 Hours 48 minutes…

The countdown for the VPN says…

What is the official time that it unlocks in the US? I hate the Tuesday release shenanigans. Last Friday please!

PST (my time) gearbox says game will launch in 6 hours 37 minutes. I trust them over playstation

that… and I don’t have a playstation… well not a ps4 anyway

Just 30mins left ! So who’s gonna play all night tonight ?