24 of 26 remade

Any guess’s on who the 2 perfectly created/balanced battleborn are?

Hope orendi misses changes but damage will probably be nerfed (pillar storm too strong).

for the sake of guessing I’ll go with kelvin and Montana to remain the same.

I think it’s Galilea and Miko :slight_smile:

Really hope they change that group stun spam on kelvin. Most annoying character in game IMO

Where is battleplan #10?

Not released yet. It comes out at noon est (6 minutes). It does every week

I’m guessing that Melka is one of the two. Orendi has a couple bad helix options that might receive changes, but at the same time I can’t think of anyone who would be in as good of a spot as she is.

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Orendi and mellka for sure. They’re the two most balanced characters in the game imo. If they did anything to orendi I’m sure they’d look at some of her awful helixes and make them better


I think Alani is one of the two, having undergone massive revision just recently.

Also, “remade” isn’t a word I would use, though that might apply to a few (e.g. Ambra, Attikus?)

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I’m hoping Rath gets remade, at least partially. As of right now his kit only allows for him to be in two positions. Either laughably overpowered, or laughably underpowered.

I’m just curious to see the community reaction if the number of nerfs is >>> than the number of buffs.


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the 2 that will be untouched, I believe, will be Orendi and Alani.

I believe Orendi will receive a Wound on her Nullify, as it fits well.

I would have to say Orendi and Mellka. Both play very well and never feel like they are crazy OP to go against.

I suspect that Mellka will benefit from more Battleborn having access to wound. Wound + venom is a nasty combo.

Oh man, that would be too ridiculous. As it stands, I can tear a team apart with Venom… adding more damage to it would be too much.

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An 8 second wound with venom though and not to mention when u get her bullets to apply venom that’s a gg wp

Spike is confirmed for Wound and Orendi recieves helix changes (exposes stealth ed people around her, not the pillar).

By process of elimination the two who aren’t getting messed with are one of the following::
Benedict, Boldur, Deande, Galilea, Montana, Shayne & Aurox

Deande is getting Wound so scratch her off the list.

Is the addition of more wounding attacks going to make Reyna the defacto sole healer of the game ?

Hopefully she gets more than that…