24 out of 26. Who?

Trying to balance a game is like


OM needs 50% more guns, maybe a turret, and more grenades. Perhaps some form of nuclear device.


Bring on the nerf hammer

When gearbox attempts to use their nerf hammer.

Lol, they know I love em.


Holy ■■■■ i wanna plaaaaay.

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Best Game ever, are you streaming?

Maybe Galilea and Alani are the 2 they arent changing, as they have already had some pretty major adjustments.

Also, what is considered a “bigger adjustment”? Changing helix options? changing multiple base stats? a large change to a single base stat?

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This number probably includes the, what, 60+% of characters that are going to get a Wound option? I doubt 24/26 characters are going to get large buffs/nerfs.

I’m hoping for a tiny phoebe utility buff, like her blade rush silencing instead of BR+ melee combo to silence, or id like to see her contingency plan moved way down the tree. I always say she is really good against noobs, but if you play against skilled players she’s just a free kill.

I’m terrified they’re going to nerf my beloved Oscar Mike. XD Granted he’s supposed to be a sort of lane pusher, but when I’m playing him well I feel like he’s almost too good. Of course for every time I do really well, there are other times I get my butt kicked. So we’ll have to see…

Agreed. I have assumed Alani will be one of the two, having just undergone major changes, and if nothing else, they may still be collecting data.

Do you main Oscar Mike? What kind of gear do you use? I ask because in my opinion he’s a little OP. I main him on a regular basis, and when I’m in the zone and pushing a lane on Meltdown, I’m nearly unstoppable. I feel bad sometimes with the amount of carnage he can dish out, between the AOE of his Airstrike and Fragcindeary grenades. Add that the the monstrous late game DPS of his Assault Rifle, and I’d say he’s just fine where he is, with the exception of a very gentle nerf to his late game Assault Rifle damage, which I’ll just compensate for with gear anyway XD. What few flaws he does have (airstrike does very poor damage, etc), I’ve just altered my play style to compensate for. I love laying down Airstrikes and Fragcindeary Grenades when low health enemies try to run and just get SLAUGHTERED. O.O

I somewhat feel that they’ll be changed as well. Plenty of people still complainan about Geyser, and at the very least I believe that Galilea’s Chaotic Infusion still does not function since her retool. I’m hoping there’s more focus on helix changes than stat changes (ie: what almost every balance update has been) like with Alani, Ghalt, Caldarius, and Ambra. And some of those were buffs, and were necessary, but helix buffs would be amazing.

if airstrike is poor, boomsday is homeless


Lol, I kid. I have won Master of Oscar Mike. I don’t play PVP though. I think he is pretty even. Late game he can be great but early game it’s hit or miss.

Boomsday could use some love too, I’ll agree with that. Again, however, I think you have to play it strategically like an actual MOBA. You can’t expect Ultimates to instantly slaughter your enemies. I mean, Boomsday does, I think, 380 damage or so? Maybe not even that? My Oscar Mike, with Gear, sits around 1600 health end game. He’s pretty tough. Simple math and logic will dictate that you want to use your other attacks and abilities to wear down your opponent’s health before going for the killing stroke; that’s what Ults are meant to be.

All that being said, Boomsday either needs a buff to its maneuverability, or it needs a damage buff. I’d be ok with something about 400 to 450 damage. But, I’d like to see the maps fixed so Benedict can’t exploit them with his extremely powerful flight abilities first. A Benedict up top on Paradise is the bane of my OM’s existence. If the maps stay how they are and continue to allow Benedict to rain hellfire from above then I’d say he should stay exactly how he is. :stuck_out_tongue: Just my opinion though. GBX are the devs here. We’ll have to see.

I gotcha, I gotcha. Early game OM without one of his scopes is just a pain. But once I hit level five and get Double Tap, its basically game over XD Do you like Red Dot or the ACOG?

While OM does have good wave clear and decent damage I don’t think he is in need of a nerf because of one major issue my friends had pointed out about his kit. He has one form of CC besides doing area damage and you don’t get that until lvl 10. Because he has no major CC affects he doesn’t really have the sway other characters have when smaller skirmishes occur and when he gets into big team battles everyone scrams. Shoot I have to remember when the other team doesn’t have a mike because I constantly run from my own teams OM skills lol. Also OM really only over performs when he is in a team that has a lot of CC abilities from my experience.

I would like to see helix trees changing soon, personally. I dont want the optimal builds paths ruined, instead Id like the lesser helixes to be changed so that maybe we can have different build paths depending on how we want to deal with different opposition. Waaaay easier said then done though