25/50 anoint question

“While enemies are below 25% Health, gain 50% increased Weapon Damage.”

Is this a Gun Damage or V2 bonus? I assume gun damage because it’s weapon damage, but would still like confirmation. It isn’t explicitly mentioned much. Someone was looking for alternatives to Sentinel Cryo and ASS for a Zane build and I came across this neglected nugget in the list.

V2, same as 300/90 and FL4K’s Deadeye.

What is meant by “V2” bonus?

I think it means it can’t be boosted. Maybe. (Not sure) :slight_smile:

The gun damage formula for Borderlands 3, like previous iterations, is complex and non-intuitive. There are several categories of damage bonuses. Bonuses that share a category are additive, but the sum of a categories bonuses is multiplicative with others. Do to the nature of how bonuses greater that one stack, maximizing your total bonus is a matter of increasing bonuses as evenly as possible between the different categories. For a character like Zane, that can reach thousands of percent in a category, a bonus in that category could be a tenth effective compared to what the card suggests. A lesser bonus in a different category would actually give greater benefit! V1 and V2 are just the names that stuck for two for the categories.

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Great explanation. Thank you

V2 is a damage category that includes weapon type bonuses on COMs (shotgun, pistol, AR, etc…), Amara’s personal space, and a few FL4K skills (Hidden Machine and armor bonus of Hunter Eye).

Let’s say you have the 25/50 anoint and a 30% shotgun damage roll. Once an enemy hits 25% health you’d deal 80% extra damage to them if using a shotgun.