-25%/-50% Experience Relic/Switch please

I hope this is as easy as it sounds to me.

Here’s the thing… The game is set up to advance the player waaaay too quickly, imho.

Gearbox… listen… I just want to enjoy it. Lap it up a bit.

Honestly, I’m bored to tears with Mayhem. It’s pointless to me. Get a few different M10 builds. Great. Fun for a few days.

But the game itself doesn’t change. No “tough” variants that come out in TVHM, and of course no UVHM at all. Not yet at least :wink:

Honestly, nothing I was more annoyed with/feared/relished to encounter in BL2 than a rabid scag pounding me mercilessly, only to wait until I might grab a revive, and then pound me immediately until I simply cried “uncle!”.

You had to respect those buggers. Fear is not an incorrect word to use here. Same was true with those… was it “iron psycho’s” or “armored”, I forget, but unless you had a Hornet ready to pulverize them on first sight, they too would happily hand you a walk back from the nearest new U station.

Ok, all that being said… lacking the story and varietal progression of BL2, how I would absolutely love to just have a bit of time and enjoy myself as I worked my way through this particular story.

I don’t want to jump 2-3 levels in a single side-quest.

All of a sudden I’m over-level’d for the main mission and feel anxious that I need to rush back and “catch up” to the story again.

How I would simply love to just leisurely enjoy each place, each mission and side-quest, maybe even explore a little. Go level up a few varkids, but while I am simply enjoying a regular play through, and not some power-user Q-testing and looking for ways to “break the game”.

So please don’t get me wrong, I’m not a savage! I still enjoy the progression of levels. It’s one of the reasons hitting max level saddens me and bores me.

I mean, seriously, what is the rush? Where are ya’ll going anyway?

As the story really is only one single play-through anymore, for even with TVHM, the critters seem no different at all, and as far as “better loot”, come on. The loot is ridiculously “legendary” already. Who needs better loot at that point? To what end? Everything is mayhem.

Do you know I haven’t yet played all side missions in the game, because I’m so level-forced by the present “pacing”, that I honestly have no incentive to try and find all the missing stuff. Ahh, How I miss coming across random hidden vault symbols. Such a small thing which would always bring a smile to my face.

The story just isn’t there to go back though it all again at max level for me.

However, if I had say 2-3x as long at each level… where it might take me 2-3 missions/quests to even grab a single level, I might indeed have some time to try out different configs and weapons, etc… As it is, I’m too short on time, for if I stop to experiment even for a bit, I’ve gained another level, dontcha know, and I gotta get back on point!

So yeah, I’d love a relic, or even a switch that wouldn’t occupy an inventory slot, that would just let me enjoy the single story you have indeed written here, without constantly being over-leveled for the current content, let along the story if I’ve moved a bit sideways.

So yeah, can we get a switch to slow this train down, please? Think 25% and 50% slower experience gains… I think some of us actually wouldn’t mind checking out the playground while also being challenged and motivated.


Ps. This is to say nothing against anyone enjoying other ways of playing and enjoying the game. Love the mayhem levels and maxing out builds, etc…? Awesome! So glad for you! I’d just like to be able to experience the game as described above as well…