25 golden key giveaway

Pre-Sequel: 555JT-6TTX5-SFBKT-HTW33-T3F3T
Borderlands 2: KTKTT-ZSFWS-R3CHC-9BW33-3JW3H


Are those new codes, or ones that have been around for a while? If they’re new, can you post the codes, source (Twitter etc) and expiry date here? Thanks!

I checked, and they’re from March of 2015.

Ah! Those could be the ones from the Handsome Collection launch then. The codes looked vaguely familiar anyway. I suspect most folks have already redeemed those. If you come across any new ones, though, feel free to add them to the thread I linked above.

Also, if you’re fairly new to the game and would like other old but good codes, check the orcz.com site linked from the OP of that same post.