"25 heroes (some instantly available, some will unlock as you progress"

Some is an understatement. Why most of the heroes are locked? Does a hero based game need to lock characters behind progression? In my opinion, players should be able to find their favorite hero at the first hour of the game. Right now the only difference between this game and a free Moba is the lack of microtransactions( I won’t be surprised if the option to pay in order to unlock characters early will become available after the release of the dlc characters).

I have unlocked all heroes, in less than a week, what’s the problem ? you want to have everything in your hand right now? If you try every heroes, your level increase will unlocked more and more heroes pretty fast

I’m level 41 and I haven’t play some heroes yet

Pretty sure that pre ordering the deluxe edition on ps4 (or whatever it’s called…the one with the season pass) will give you all the characters unlocked straight up. I’d have to double check but that’s what i remember reading

One character unlock code for season pass, not all.

To be fair though, unlocking all characters does not take alot of time if you make that a goal, especially if you jump into co op pve. Score silver on every mission (8 total, around 30 min each) and you probably will unlock almost all of them. Maybe a few steays, but still. If you are not willing however, than pvp can take abit of a grind depending on your teams, and I do feel your pain.

That being said, I like how pve and pvp are both at the forefront in this game. Neither feels like an add on, but a well thought out experiance.



Just double checked. “Instant access to 5 new heroes when they release” is the part I misconstrued. I can’t even be sure whether that means you’ll get the 5 extra heroes without having to unlock them or if it’s just clever wording as they’ll be free for everyone when they’re released anyway

Pretty positive that all the heroes will be free for the duration of the game.
This will prevent the ‘Play to Win’ issue that can come up.

With the season pass, you will just have the first 5 unlocked when they become available. Which could be good, or not, depending on your command rank when they get released. (You might have already gotten high enough that they would be unlocked anyway)

As to micro-transactions…I can’t ever see that being a part of this game.
This is a full retail AAA game which will have season passes, but implementing micro-transactions would kill this game faster than anything else I can think of.

Oh I know there won’t be microtransactions and the characters will be free, I’m just wondering if “instant access” means you won’t have to meet requirements to unlock them or whether it’s just a clever re wording of “they’re free” to intice people to pre order for free characters that they will get for free regardless. It seems like a rather vague description, like most fine print

The game gives you some heroes to learn the basics and after 15 or so hours of gameplay, you can have every single one of them unlocked. I suppose this is done to ensure that new players can gradually adjust to Battleborn’s gameplay. Phoebe and Shayne are a bit complex to use from your first hour of gameplay and that may result to the dissatisfaction of some players.

Anyways, it’s soooo easy to unlock them I cannot even see the point of discussing the matter.

All dlc characters are free, but most people have to unlock them. If you have the season pass you instantly unlock them, or if you played in the beta on PS4, you instantly unlock the first one, Alani.

It’s nothing too strange, plenty of games have characters/classes which require unlocking. Some more than others. As a long-time multiplayer game, it is certainly my preference to have all gameplay options available immediately rather than having to level up to use the one which fits a style I want (or worse yet, the previously-available options being outright inferior), but this sort of unlocking will probably persist as a dominant trend for…well, forever as far as I can see. It adds replay value to many players and developers certainly don’t want their players getting bored of their game faster.

I don’t see them adding paying to unlock specific characters faster outside of their content packs (which is said to unlock a good bit more than that) if the future characters’ unlock challenges are like the current characters, which are hardly particularly tough to unlock if you gun for the challenge (or a number which requires grinding that happens pretty easily on its own as well).