+25% OGT (on grenade thrown) anointment

Does anyone know if this new grenade anointment works when grenades are thrown via proxy, such as by SNTNL or Digi-Clone?


I’ma reply to follow this for the replies (if I don’t get around to testing myself), but on a side note, that’s a fantastic avatar.

edit - looks like it! Zane’s base damage stayed above baseline (it was above baseline while the clone was out), but when the clone ended and the grenade was thrown, the weapon damage was higher than baseline for those six seconds.



Ok, next question.

Does this anointment only come on grenades? And if so, has anyone seen a Recurring Hex with it?

So far I’ve only seen it on grenades, like literally three or four (all vendor farming), but I’d be surprised if it was disallowed on Legendary gear.

I’ve posted this elsewhere, but will post it here as well since it’s related.

I’m looking for a Recurring (cryo) Hex with the +25% OGT anointment. I have tons of stuff for trade. If anyone has this, or knows someone who has it, please have them PM me or pass along my info.


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Are you on ps4?

I got a Mirv Hex with this anointment

I have the Cloning and MIRV variants. Looking for Recurring (or MIRV-tacular).

Incidentally, I included this item in another thread I posted here that includes everything I have to trade, and everything I’m still looking for. So please disregard this thread and direct any responses to my other one.


This is sort of an old thread but instead of making a new thread with my stupid question I’ll just ask it here. I assume that the 25% damage boost from this OGT grenade doesn’t ever stack? Like with multiple grenades thrown?