25 pellet stagecoach

I don’t suppose anyone has a 25 pellet stagecoach (any annoint) going spare?:joy:

I count myself very lucky to have found a 21 pellet one with urad annoint. I haven’t even seen a 25 pellet one with any annoint yet in 30+ days of playtime…

I have one x25, with gb 115%rad. I’ll try to get it rerolled with 150/50 rad and then ill share it


That would be incredible and highly appreciated!!! Thank you

Let me know when you want my GT

You can give it now XD hopefully it won’t take too long

My GT is JayT98

How you feeling about the ability to re-roll anoints?

I have 80k eridium patiently waiting to be spent on re-rolls, hopefully the cost won’t be super high, I have so many thing I would want to get

Yeah, I’m interested to see how much it costs! Gearbox will need to find a balance of not making it too cheap allowing people to get perfect rolls quickly but not too expensive so the game doesn’t just become farming the weapon then farming a load of eridium

We got 250 for each roll, as I predicted

I can work with that!

Good luck on the grind

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