25 pieces of Legendary and Epic Gear - What combinations would you do?

What combinations would you do?

For Snipers I’ve been using an epic core gear, an epic regen gear, and the Poor M-pulse controller.

For Whiskey Foxtrot, I use his Lore Lege, the Poor M-Pulse controller, and an epic regen gear.

For Reyna, I use her lore lege, an epic regen gear, and an epic shield capacitor. (working on getting a lege)

My various loadouts. I do PvE exclusively and basically have no issues with shards ever.

Alani: Emulan Tincture, Stolen Edge of Arcynorr, Symbiotic Gauntlet
Mellka: Stable Executioner, Veil Breaker Rounds, Pacifier
Boldur: Vow of Zealous Fury, DR/Regen epic, Vow of Vengeance
Galilea: SEoA, VoV, Shadow Mote Overflow
Miko: Chrono Key, Symbiotic Spores, Mossire’s Mukluks
Thorn: Poor “M” Pulse Controller, SymGaunt, Bola’s Target Finder
Kelvin: Firmware Update 1.51C, Bola’s, Modernista
Rath: SEoA, VoV, Improved Genetic Syphon
(haven’t used it yet but have it set up) Ambra: StabEx, VoZF, SymGaunt

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Nice. I only play PvE for Lore, gear, and when I’m just goofing around with my buddies. I do PvP more often then not, but because I can only stand hearing the dialogue in the campaign for so long nowadays. ( I loved it before, but I’ve done them so much, I can’t stand it anymore. @~@)

I change my loadouts pretty dramatically between PVP and PVE. I go a LOT less shard-intensive in PVP, just to have one less thing to worry about, and to get that early boost. Flawed 0-cost commons if I have one that doesn’t detract from the character, like -shield gear on Eldrid. -Healpower gear also works pretty well in PVP, as long as you’re not playing a healer or lifestealer (at least as far as I know.) There’s no reviving to be done. I don’t think it effects supply stations you build, does it?

In PVE, I find my usual loadout is a Shard Extractor and 2 Legendaries. I just like the security blanket of the shard extractor. Lets me focus more on the mission and not have to worry about running for shard, guarantees I’ll get both Legendaries up in a timely manner.

I also find I try to build Loadouts that work for more than one character at a time. I’m a sucker for variety, so I rarely play the same character in back to back missions. Obviously, any one with a Lore Legendary sort of needs to be personalized.

I also tend to prefer Blue Rare to Purple Epic gear in some circumstances, mostly because boosts can double-stack on Blue gear. Scoundrel’s Aviator with +crit damage, and then +crit damage for 5 seconds after landing a crit, for example, is a beauty.

Some of my favorite Legendaries (that I recommend farming if you haven’t):

Boots of the Brute, Vyn’s Quiver, Mini-Singularity Launcher: the slow-adders. Too useful.

Stable Executioner: Love it with Ghalt, Marquis, Whiskey, anybody who wants those crits. Hitting for crits is a big part of Advanced PVE in my book, and it lets you score crits on guys who can’t normally be critted, like the Eldrid Guardians. Haven’t found a Mag Daemon yet, but I do want one.

Bola’s Target Finder and Pacifier: I like using these with Reyna and really messing up a dude’s day with Priority Target. My team hits them harder and they don’t hit as hard.

Poor M-Pulse Controller: pretty self explanatory. Critical hits are good. Exploding guys with crits is even better.

Executive Insurance Policy: I like pairing this with guys who have the “shield recharge trigger” Helixes, like Orendi (Oh, that reminds me), OM (Back in a Jiff), S&A (Immortal Aegis). Also nice on Eldrid. Because the shield it grants is all they have, they’ll quickly and easily trigger the Overshield when it charges, pretty much giving them a full shield for a burst.

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Heal power has no influence on lifesteal, and neither does healing received.
As for heal power effecting supply stations, I know of a way to test this but haven’t done so yet.

Ok, I kinda thought that might be the case.

So -Heal power gear would ONLY effect healing powers (obviously) and when you Revive someone, right? That’s considered healing, isn’t it? So they’d come back with less life with negative gear if you revived them.

Can’t say I’ve ever paid that much attention, the only time I’ve ever used heal power in PvE was to test the Leechsteal Brooch on Orendi and the group I play with is pretty solid so we don’t die often. It would be easy to test though.

Edit: In that case, I wonder if you’d have more health after being revived if you had +healing received gear equipped? I’ll test all of these next time I’m on.

[quote=“CharacterIV, post:7, topic:1540991, full:true”]That’s considered healing, isn’t it?

Pretty sure it doesn’t, since the game doesn’t register it as healing in the info screen. The only thing that counts as healing, afaik, is skill/attack/passive based. Healing Received probably counted for supply stations, but I highly doubt that Healing Power makes stations you create more powerful (if it does, I would expect either attack or skill damage to increase the power of your turrets); I’m pretty sure the buildables are identical regardless of what gear you’re using (except those legendaries that specifically affect buildables).

2 legendaries and 1 shard gen.

If you are playing with no legendaries you find an item that gives the stat you want + situational of the same stat or another.