250% health damage taken returned as shock anoint...Work with Iron Bear?

Had a drop of a Transformer with this anoint?

Work with IB?

Any good??

You don’t take health damage while in IB. So it’s not very useful.


Figured…but whenever I assume something totally logical about the game…I make a total ass out of myself.

Thought it best to ask…

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It sounds like a great annointment, but they were quite particular with their wording in this case.

Side gripe. It’s a bit disappointing that so many of the new anointments do not work with Moze or Iron Bear. Is it really such an advantage.

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What’s weird is even though it says u need to take health damage that’s not accurate. When messing with it on fl4k with gamma burst it actually activated while shields were up. The damage from it is still very very bad but yea it’s weird lol