26th Battleborn: What Faction?

They have announced that we will get a 26th Battleborn after the release of the game.

Now the question is, what faction will he or she (or it) belong to? My guess is…

The LLC.

Our new Battleborn can’t be a newcomer who flew to Solus, because there’s nothing outside of Solus. So this new BB would have to be created within the Solus system. Who’s most likely to create such a creature? The LLC. If the new comer is a part of the LLC, then they will most likely be robotic, or even a super powered cyborg that used to be someone living in the Solus System.

However, this newcomer, if created in the Solus System, may belong to any one faction. It seems every faction is capable of creating robotic or even organic life forms.

What faction do you think the “Battleborn XXVI” will belong to?

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only on PS4 soo the Rogues

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That was actually my original guess. It would make sense the faction that stands out gets the sixth member.

Xbox = Peacekeepers, because AMERICA F*CK YEAH!!!
Playstation = Jennerit, because samurai and the PS4 is taking the console market by storm!
PC = LLC , because technical superiority.
Nintendo = Rogue, because WII like to do thing differently
MAC = Eldrid, because APPLE


Amazing you made all factions in our world!(great work on the videos)

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Nintendo NX- Eldrid (return to roots)

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Obviously it’ll be a Varelsi deserter. v.v Factionless.

The Rogue faction is the factionless faction.

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Don’t think the Rogues would accept or trust a Varelsi. I know I wouldn’t.

I WOULD bro theyre badass and they are darkness just bring light with you GOD

I think any faction is cool, so long as they don’t try to shoehorn in a new faction into the story…unless, it’s post-story

LLC or Rogues, one of them for sure.
But as it is right now, I would love to get another sniper class, more mobile than Maquies (=someobe who could get an option to be a ‘silent sniper-ass killer’ of some sort, someone that can swing around the map and shot the hell out of the enemies!) but less powerful than him.

I LOVE THAT GRAPPLE HOOK WITH a silenced sniper or pistol or something like that WOULD BE AWESOME something like spiderman with a silenced weapon bassicly hitman and spider man in 2 for 1 box(add it in all platforms i would die if they would add this only in PS4)

Actually there is a very similar class in Overwatch, I think her name pronounced as Widowmaker?
She’s a very mobile-ish character with an hybrid sniper that can change into a assault rifle. She has a grappling hook that can take her to some higher grounds and basically gives her an opportunity to be more efficient to her team.

I personally would love to get a sniper class with some sort of hook, wings or even a jetpack like Caldarius.
It’ll be… crazy :smiley:

yes that is widowmaker god i need this in battleborn he would be awesome

I think the 26th Battleborn will be Kleese and therefore will be in the LLC

I doubt it. As far as I know, the 26th DLC character won’t be relevant to the story.

I would’ve said Eldrid <> apple because greasy hipsters going green
(Not taking any responsibility for my promotion of stereotypes lol)

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As a side note, if they do a borderlands character they could do zero. He’s got 4 fingers including thumb, a characteristic of jennerits and could still be alive via sustainment. His skill set is practically identical to deande (clone and invisible, close combat, kunai) so besides hitbox he’d already have a balanced skill set.

I heard somewhere that GBX doesn’t want to ‘blend’ the franchises.
They wanted BB to be a separate thing. Maybe a Zero skin would be amazing.