27 May..Something crazy going on with Advanced

Every Advanced map tonight is going nuts.
Failed Sabo several times in a row with random teams, good teams, there were Thrall coming from everywhere.
Just now before the H3NCHM4N fight the entire room was full of Ronin. I had 7 on me alone, last one on my team to die.

Anyone else seeing this?

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If I seen that as Kleese, I’d be in my element :gun:… 7 Ronins running into my three shock fields, followed by my mortars, and then zapping them is just music to my ears :sunglasses:… The only thing that scares me with them, is if more than two of them land that slow on you, then you’re basically screwed…

But in reply to your OP, I’ve seen a few times this happening once mainly on The Archive, after the part where you extract the data and you get back to the door that you entered when you woke the sentry… Basically had three of those jennerit teleporters that spawned 4 of the biggest thrall in and they simultaneously launched an Airstrike right over our sentry, he went from 50% to 0% before we could blink… A complete what dafuq moment was had, and a slight tear followed :disappointed_relieved:

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I haven’t had any problems, but more players is gonna be harder than fewer, due to the increase of adds spawning per person.

I would never do Advanced with randoms honestly. More people makes it WAY harder. There is really no reason to do advance unless it’s just to say you did it.
Normal is way better to farm items/legendarys which is the only reason I do PvE to get items for builds.

…I have 239 hours into this game, all PvE, mostly random public, lately all Advanced.
Last night was unbelievable.

Thanks for the replies :sunny:

Man, I wish I’d seen this thread. That sounds way fun.

The RNG gods did not smile upon you my comrade.

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