2D Animation from the CTT? Battleborn show might be cool

Okay, I keep seeing this cool 2D animation at the start of missions from gameplay videos of the CTT with Mellka and Rath in that old school Saturday morning cartoon style. I can’t seem to find a version without people talking loudly over it. I assume it’s probably only a 2 second clip, but I really liked the art style and was wondering if there was a video of just that (or maybe even more if it exists?). I think a 2d animated show based on Battleborn would be pretty damn awesome.

Strange, I wonder if that was a PC-feature, I never came acros these mentioned comic-animations in CTT.

Sounds awesome though! I love the art style, it would look neat as cartoon.

Oh you’re talking about the intros to the Story missions, the one with Mellka and Rath
Those are in the Early Access copies of BattleBorn and I’m seriously hoping we get those in the full release



Yea, I pulled this from an overview video by Admiral Bahroo on Youtube.
(link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntipTxQQWTk )

Is this from the Early Access? IDK, I just dig the style and think it’d make a kick ass show or mini series.


Neither did I. I’m guessing they’re in the Early Access though.

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I believe it was said that much of the story was pulled from the open beta to preserve surprise. Might this explain the quite long time given to pick heroes?