2k and gearbox and killing there own game

So I remember from almost the first few weeks after launch there were people threatening law suits over this game… you guys have now destroyed 2 content creators that only loved the game and series and wanted to see it do well… and then offer us more pay to play content… after you already have a season pass. Can 2k really be thinking this all going well? Most articles you find on the internet about the game aren’t saying so right now. With the state of the game they arent doing themselves any favors .

gearbox doesnt care about anything than $ if u hear them saying that they care and listen to the community dont believe them just look how they put the game on epic instead of steam.


Yeah watched MAK’s video last night, its a shame he was one of the hardcore based content creators from the start, it just brings more negativity to the game unfortunately, if they cant see that then they are blinded by greed


Sing it loud, sing it proud my friend :+1:


I remember what TotalBiscuit said about BL2 and TPS in his review - BL has potential, but GBX was/is not brave enough to embrace it. That what you get by 4th installment in the series - so iterative that it is not enough for most people.

It’s Mayhem - you should go nuts with map, weapon and character design.

Eh, maybe I just got my fill during last 10 years (Jesus, 10 years already).

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Yeah something fishy is going on imo. First of all, he doesn’t mention Borderlands, Gearbox or 2K throughout the whole video, only uses the term company or publisher. And I don’t see him abandoning his channel over some… well let’s call it beef between him and GB/2k or whatever it might be. His video where he kinda leaked the timeline and MTX/battlepass is no longer on his channel. I don’t know if he took it down himself, or it has been taken down by someone else. Something is going on for sure. I just hope it’s not a case like with Suppmato.

Personally, I hate to see him go. He has his own way of doing things, and that’s what I love about him. I’ve been watching him since BL2 released, when he was still with the gang. There a bunch of guys I was looking forward to see some content from that aren’t playing anymore. Bahroo, Goth, Masterkizz, … Heck, when even Joltz is returning to BL 2 and K6 saying there is not much to do in the game, that should be a message to GB that their game is not living up to the hype. It’s sad really, I love the game to death, but they are right and I see myself playing less and less atm. I played it everyday since release, up until last week, and haven’t started it up in about 7 days I think. The event this week will bring me back for sure for a couple of days, but after that idk.

Been having massive fun with Wreckfest since last week! What a blast that game is, mindless fun!


Seems that adding more vending machines to boss areas, scaling the takedown, weapon buffs, and having legendaries falling like rain in the DLC, among other things, were direct responses to user feedback, no?


I decided to go through my old collection and play some of the 50 odd games I own that I’ve either never started or never completed.

First on the list. Witcher 3

I had started this but was really waiting for the launch of Fallout 4 at the time. When Fallout 4 launched I immediately switched over and never went back. Decided to go back and restart Witcher 3 from the beginning.

I had totally forgotten how complex and deep this game is. Makes BL3’s inventory look like a child’s game. Crafting, alchemy, signs, and combat. And then there is the story, and how even little choices can impact the world around you. Thought you were helping out that dwarf by finding the guy who burned his shop down? Yeah, he’s happy, but the other guy was executed for it, and now his wife and child have no one supporting them.

I wish the BL series had this type of story interaction. Having CHOICES which actually influence the world around you would make the game infinitely more replayable. It would be so much more interesting seeing how your choices influenced others and changed the game world than farming the same boss for the 900th time trying to get just the right rolls on your class mod.

and 300 bankspace!

Plus Borderlands 3 having the following from the start:

  1. multiplayer scaling
  2. instanced loot
  3. shared bank vault instead of a locker
  4. more repeatable missions
  5. a way to scale the entire game (all missions, rewards, enemies, etc) to your level after beating it even in normal mode. We used to (in other Borderlands games) have to beat the game twice with one character save and reach UVHM before we could do that.
  6. A sort of bounty system like Diablo 3. The kill missions. They are a decent start but I would like to see a real “adventure mode” and bounty system like the one present in Diablo 3.

They obviously listened to the community after BL2 and TPS.


Yeah man was a strange video he put out, I noticed the other day the previous video was gone also, its like a passing of the guard with all the old content creators it really is a shame, I liked MAK I understand he’s not everyones cup of tea, I always found him funny and insightful, honest and you just knew he cared for the game and series.

Havn’t heard of wreckfest I must look into that, not sure if you have kids or not but I played concrete genie with my son and it was a blast highly recommend it :+1:

It can be annoying in a Borderlands/farming game when the only source for a given legendary item can’t be farmed because you made the “wrong choice” in your playthrough. I don’t think of Borderlands series as the type of game where huge affects to the world should occur based on your choices. If I want that I’ll play Fallout or Deus Ex or something. In those, for example, you can save your game and try different story branches.

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Not nearly as annoying as a game that only has farming to offer. Farm this, farm that. You even have to farm your Mayhem modifiers to see how your difficulty is affected before you can even start playing the game. And “playing” is a really loose definition here, because all you’re doing is farming. And what is the point of all of this farming? To reach a build that lets you kill the enemies you’ve been farming a little easier so more farming goes faster.

And that sums of BL3 perfectly. It’s a farming game where your ultimate goal is to farm faster. That’s all you’re playing for. Nothing else. Just farming, farming, and more farming so you can make a character that can farm faster tomorrow than it does today.

Yay for lack of diversity in your gaming.


I, personally, wish Borderlands would get back to its roots with BL1 where there was almost no story at all… just some fun narrative that played in the Echocast as you kill stuff. I don’t want to listen to characters tell me their background stories before I can continue to the next waypoint. I don’t need long cinema cutscenes. I just want quirky characters with no origin stories telling me where to go to kill things… maybe some black humor in the Echocast when I get there. That’s all I need… and this paddle game… that’s all.


MAK has always been a trash channel ran by a guy with the most annoying voice on planet earth. I honestly don’t care what happens to his channel and the whole “battle pass” thing is more than likely fake news anyway that MAK put out for clicks…wouldn’t be the first time.

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Pretty sure that was 2k’s doing, not GB, putting on Epic instead of Steam and Jesus Christ people are still f**kin butthurt because the game was on a different launcher…god people need to grow up

Or they just dont want people spreading false info. Also yea im gonna hate on MAK for his god awful voice, not that he can help it but jesus is it annoying.

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nah i dont care on what launcher it is i just mentioned it

Well im sure that there are people still actually butthurt over that because they are immature kids lol

Isn’t that what Borderlands has always been?

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I mean, I really don’t understand his perspective. It’s fun for the sake of fun, really. Don’t think about it too hard or you’ll start thinking that all videogames are a waste of time.