2k and gearbox and killing there own game

I mean, I really don’t understand his perspective. It’s fun for the sake of fun, really. Don’t think about it too hard or you’ll start thinking that all videogames are a waste of time.

Well yeah. You make soap, you want to sell the soap. All the time, for as much money as possible. This is a product. No one creates products for free. They don’t owe you anything. “People threatening lawsuits” means they aren’t filing a lawsuit. You have to prove you have been wronged overwhelmingly in order to even proceed. Even PUBG pulled their copyright infringement case against Fortnight because it won’t go anywhere. Gamers are a victim of watching pre release ideas and “leaked” information from “credible” YouTubers. Then the game is released and doesn’t live up to standards people have set in their heads. Heck everyone is quoting people not directly working for Gearbox or 2k. 2k/Gearbox are going to go through publicists that will keep information vague in case major changes happen. YouTubers make guesses to what will happen and people will take this as fact. It’s not. It’s easy to say you have, “access to information from a anonymous source”. You don’t have to prove it.

My advice is to take the game for what it is and enjoy it. Redeem your keys from Twitter and don’t trust anything unless it comes directly from the originating company.

P.s. I used to work for a major game company. The non disclosure agreement I had to sign was 12 pages long. You are out of your mind to talk to anyone about upcoming projects.


yea explain how they throw a paid beta game im waiting

What’s the question?

Underhand if they are trying to make it over the couch. Over hand if they are trying to make it from the kitchen.

all the hype for borderlands 3 then they just throw a full of bugs non tested game with poor optimization gearbox them selves said that they didnt need to test mayhem 3 at all the poor optimization could be seen since the E3 gameplay we are like 8 months since that E3 and the game still runs like ■■■■ to this day tell me again that they care for the community. ah yes i almost forgot a borderlands game without an end game content at launch.

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Mak was never committed to borderlands. He’s quit more times than I can remember.

I guess I’ll start with “hype”.

So, publicity is a business that companies pay for. It’s meant to push their product in the best view possible to maximize their profits. E3 isn’t a chance to play their newest games and think they are cool. E3 is a massive publicity engine. Companies will take a specific section of the game and optimize it, usually the first level, so the consumer will get the best possible view of the game. If E3 falls early in the production, I guarantee you a company will push out anything to get it seen by the public. This “hype” that’s created is worth tons of money so companies pay out tons of money for it and advertisement. Launch will never reflect what was seen at E3. Launch is a nightmare. Everyone at 2k and GB were probably wearing diapers and staring at computer screens hoping any issues can be fixed quickly.

Bugs for a non tested game with poor optimization…

The game was tested extensively. It had to be to get it to even launch. One thing you have to realize is how big BL3 is. Eden-6 could be a stand alone game in itself. If you had a team of 1000 game testers, you would never find everything. When you release to the public, they are essentially game testers. All us introverted nerds that lock ourselves
in our rooms eating hot pockets and drinking Mt. Dew, will push their game to it’s limits, find issues, and do things developers would never dream of. I saw a post where a couple guys melee’d a hover cyclone up to the top floor of sanctuary.

You have to remember platforms on release. I play on Xbox and didn’t have as many issues as people on PC. I’m basing this on what I’ve read in the forums. Making a game on a console is a far more stable platform than PC. Everyone has a different computer, God only knows what they are running. There’s a reason most people ask what they are running as a setup before answering any questions.

That being said, you have to think of the game like building a bunch of houses. You have a budget to build a bunch of them. You have construction workers that put it together, but you have to pay them. A non released game will not pay your workers. You are out of pocket until people start buying the houses. There will be a judgement in the company when you reach your budget limit and look at whether you have a product that is good enough to sell vs. paying the workers to keep building or go bankrupt… They had a stable game to release. There were obviously issues, but we can all agree it’s come very far since launch. One of the big issues in “fixing” a game is once you change coding to fix one thing, it can have unintended consequences on another part of the game. It’s like herding cats. Changing the game and testing it, then trying to release the patch takes time and you want to keep people interested.

Do they care about the community?

Yes. Need proof?
Read the patch notes. Do they want to keep the community happy?
Yes, they want to make money.
I promise you they want nothing more than to have a bug free game for you to giggle your life away.

Endgame content in BL3.

Yes everyone wants to be pro and finish the “endgame”. I hope there isn’t one. I like that they add content and boost mayhem mode.

I hope this answers what I think you wanted me to talk about. Happy hunting!


People tend to forget that the end users are often the quality testers, regardless of product.

There’s exponentially more of them, they use the product in ways manufacturers never considered, and they pay for the privilege.

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This bit is absolutely true of Borderlands players. I look at some of the stuff folks come up with, shake my head, and think “How in the world did you ever come to try that combination in the first place?” Borderlands fans somehow go way beyond mere lateral thinking.