2K has tripled down and has issued over 60 scopyright strikes to SupMatto’s channel and it will be terminated within the week.

Remember, 2K sent two physical private investigators to trespass on a fan’s property. Without any other details, this alone is a per se atrocity. All of this over a leak that the B3 team/2K is responsible for themselves. All supmatto did was find them and report on them. Because of this, 2K has physically intimidated a YouTuber at his own residence (SupMatto), issued over 60 strikes which will terminate his channel (He’s been playing Borderlands for 7 years and is a superfan), and has even deleted his own Twitter in fear.

I love Borderlands. I played 1 and 2 with all of the DLC. My wallet was ready for B3. But now, with all of this coming from the compayny that is responsible for the game I love, I cannot in good conscious support a game that uses such mafioso tactics. I encourage all of you to reconsider your position as a consumer with this company.

This makes me all very sad.


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