2K can't seem to fix

Boo hoo for me. I know, but way back near Chrustmas, my log in just stopped working. I sent a report got a very nice person to walk through so many steps that I felt it might get resolved. Even unloaded reloaded game, wiped character recreated character and lost all keys, was asked and complied by even videoing the entire start up for them. Nothing! Still broke. They jump right in stuff like character stuck in a bush but seem to be ignoring a customer that can not even log in to a game they paid $100 for!
I’m just venting here, but the first line folks finally gave up sent the problem to another level and they apparently do not communicate with us lowly mortals. This was on Xbox1x.

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If you have your support ticket number from your original contact with 2K support still, can you post it and I’ll pass it on to someone who can look into it?

Also, can you still access your shift account directly via the website, or is that also locked? shift.gearboxsoftware.com would be the place to check.

Ref# 200719

I’ve only used the club site for access but it’s always worked
Thanks for the effort.

By ‘club’ you mean the VIP site? If so, could you please try the shift site and let me know whether that works. You should also be able to confirm which platforms are linked to your SHIFT account on that site, which may be helpful to know.

Yes thank you brain dart club = VIP.
I checked the shift site and it appears my wife’s sign in isn’t registered, which is the way I’m guessing it has always been. I’ve been her proxy logging points and keys for her since the VIP club started.
I didn’t find a place for a new account and her current VIP login didn’t work so I’m guessing she doesn’t have that set up. Give me a hint on how to set her up a new account and I’ll do that and report back.
Thanks again for the interest.

I’m not 100% on this (because I’ve had a SHIFT account since BL2 but never signed up for VIP) but I think the way it was supposed to work was that the VIP and SHIFT login were the same? If your wife can’t log in to SHIFT using the same credentials, she should use the ‘Forgot password’ link to reset it. One potential caveat: it’s possible to use a platform (eg XBL) or social media account as a single sign on user/password. If this is how the account was set up, then the login would be the one for that platform.

One other thing: right now, the VIP thing is being wound down, so you will want to make sure you both have access to SHIFT working for your accounts.

Yes, I figure I need to get her a shift login anyway since like you say the VIP is winding down. I’ve already purchased all the stuff from there I can figure to use I was hoping at some point I might be able to use left over points for keys in BL3. But probably not.
I’m waiting for her to tell me the code so I can set her up then I’ll let you know if the shift account works.

Ok, got the account checked and it accepted a code for keys so it’s working. I’m guessing this will be the only way in come May. Sad to see the VIP site go.

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So now that the original shift site worked for the problem account, any ideas on what I might try? You appear to be the only one interested in the broken product.

The product isn’t broken, but there are a number of ways things get messed up when trying to connect everything together.

Your wife should be able to link her XBL account to her shift account either in game or through the shift site. It would be a good idea to check under the ‘gaming platforms’ tab to see whether it is already linked or not:

Once successfully linked, when she signs in to her account on the XBox and launches the game, she should be able to just sign in. If there’s an error on linking the shift account to XBL, then she will need to open a support ticket specifically for the SHIFT sign in issue.

One thing to be careful of when working through this: if you’re switching between accounts on the web site, make sure you log out and fully quit the browser to clear session cookies etc., or you could easily be signed in under the wrong account. It’s also a good idea to make sure you aren’t simultaneously logged in to any of the other linkable services too - I’ve heard of that back-firing on some people.

Finally, remember that the folks at the support desk need to verify that the person asking for help with an account is in fact the account holder: your wife really needs to be the one contacting support about her account.