2K has ended further development on Evolve, how does that make us feel about the future of Battleborn?


I know, Battleborn isn’t Free To Play, but Evolve had better numbers than Battleborn at least on Steam. How do you all think this will go moving forward? Do you think a free to play Battleborn will never happen now? I’m looking at the Steamcharts numbers, there’s 1,411 players on Evolve right now, and 146 on Battleborn :confused:

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This just means they aren’t going to be fixing bugs or creating content for it. All studios stop working on old titles to create new ones eventually, this isnt as big as you make it out to be man.

"essentially confirming that Turtle Rock won’t be working on the game any longer, and that support for Evolve’s PC servers will continue “for the foreseeable future”. "


It wasn’t finished, Turtle rock wasn’t like “Welp, we’re done!” 2K ended their contract, causing TRS to cease work.


I want to know now, does Gearbox own the IP for Battleborn or does 2K? Can you fill the lot of us in on this little detail at all @Jythri or @JoeKGBX?


It wasn’t going to happen anyway. At least it’s what Randy Pitchford said.

Battleborn doesn’t need to go free-to-play, I’m sure free trial version will be enough to show people what this game is. At least it was enough for me, and I had zero interest in BB before trying Open beta.


No evolve is still going still new content

Wait you met between them and 2K

Any Game company that carries a LLC badge gives me the shivers.

If 2k is pulling the plug on Evolve, Battleborn will not last long i think…
This is sad.

Evolve is still going but from paid currency you don’t need to unlock characters

So, with 2K taking over the servers I even fear the worst for Evolve at this point.
Hope Bb wont get a similar faith, the meddled with it enough already.

Oh ■■■■… That’s really a shame… I was hoping they’d add new game modes that were maybe a little more interesting than hunt - I think that was it’s weakness, it got repetitive. The feel of the gameplay was fun as heck though…

But on twitter TRS said "We’re going back to our roots"
Ya’ll probably know what I hope that means.

What this means for Battleborn? Honestly, I don’t have much hope for BB anymore. It’s got a bad reputation, I don’t think there’s a way to redeem that anymore. Players don’t forget. This certainly wont help.

2Ks side on the matter. They see Evolve as a complete game.

I agree.

I just want Left 4 Dead 3.


I don’t want it. I need it. Please TRS.


I was scared, but it only means developpement has stopped. The game is still up and running.

At one point, yes, Battleborn will stop having new content, and it could stop after Season 1 next year.

As long as the server are up and running and we can still play with friends, we’ll be “fine”. Then, it would only mean they are all focused on working on Boderlands 3.


Pulling the plug on Evolve doesn’t surprise me. I played that game from alpha to the start of stage 2 and it was always misunderstood. Much like this game. Some stuff will always be niche and that’s just how it is.

All I think this means is that Battleborn will fulfill season pass content and that’ll be the end. Which is all I ever expected and I’m totally fine with that.


For those missing the small details here:

Turtle Rock wasn’t done. They wanted to do so much more for evolve, including bringing f2p to evolve on the consoles. Going f2p on pc failed badly enough for 2k to pull the plug (edit: on further development. Not servers). This has a large impact on Battleborn as I don’t think 2k will now consider making Battleborn f2p, closing many doors. (Imo I don’t want it to go f2p anyway). This ultimately makes me feel that there really are only 2 more events to try and salvage Battleborn.

  1. Trial version. Make it available to more people. Unfortunately bb has a bad reputation right now, is cheap enough on numerous occasions that people who would be interested in a trial probably already bought it, and still needs a couple of major changes to entice people to continue playing the game. Examples include a tutorial for PvP, raising CR or adding prestige, and (while very unlikely) a matchmaking overhaul.

  2. A relaunch. I see releasing a complete edition that includes all dlc. This also requires those same major changes. More importantly it would require some serious advertising.

I have little faith in either making a big difference, unfortunately. If nothing else, I have gotten my money’s worth (mind you, full price for dde at launch) and put more time into this game than any other in a very long time.

Gbx has, unknowingly or not, done a lot of no-nos though that have permanently scarred this game’s reputation. They’ve consistently mislead people (like the dlc and split screen, like how coins would work to unlock characters, like dropping the price weeks after launch, like not making it clear what tier character skins actually entailed). Again, it could all be unintentional or could be trying to be vague to avoid bad press. They introduced microtransactions, with a vague announcement of it hidden in the discussion of content to come. They made the game online only. They, or 2k because no one seems to be able or wants to explain who makes what decisions, have left a bad taste in many people’s mouths.

I love this game but I hate how it was handled. Sorry I got a bit ranty. I just am giving my opinion on the future of Battleborn, and what factors will lead it there (including the failure of f2p evolve.



It just give me more reasons to despise Publishers, “The bane of the gaming industry”.
As for Battleborn, i’ll be there when it fall.


This was so heartbreaking to find out yesterday. Evolve was my life, all the way up until Battleborn came out.

I really hope Battleborn doesn’t suffer the same fate.

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