2K has ended further development on Evolve, how does that make us feel about the future of Battleborn?

I’m fearing that 2K will pull the plug on Bb once the season pass content is released.
If that happens, I hope progress will be stored locally before someone puts the lights out, so to speak.


Oooh, my bad. Sorry.

I’m sure this game won’t go offline, and it will shut down one day (not soon). I’m not optimistic for a Season 2 either (but really hoping!!!)

Thank you.

Also, all good things must come to an end.

The is bull, evolve was going just fine on PC with a still functional playerbase on console and had many ideas for the game ■■■■ 2K sometimes, this makes no sense

I REALLLLLLLLLLLLY hope that BB doesn’t suffer the same fate, I know it won’t be around forever, but I hope it’s around long enough for it to become “at least” semi-popular again .

I’ve had my ups and downs with this game. I won’t lie, there have been times where I disliked some design choices, balancing choices and other small things. But recently, things have changed for the better, most things anyway. Gearbox aren’t perfect, I don’t believe any developer out there really is. They have been trying with Battleborn, and they are doing a great job, but many factors have caused the game to not do as well as it really should have. Marketing, getting a clear image of the game across. The release window. If they had released Battleborn a month or two after overwatch, when the hype had died down ever so slightly, sales would possibly have been better.

The Beta did a good job of grabbing potential buyers. Although, without the Beta, I have no idea how the game would be doing now, but I don’t think it would be doing anywhere near as well as it is now. The Beta got me hooked, and I played it non stop from the day it came out, to the day it closed.

Battleborn is not perfect, in its current state anyway, but that’s not a bad thing. This game is built on its community and its care and attention from its developers. If we all come together to make this game the best it can be, then who knows, Battleborn 2? There is still much more to know. The varelsi, Lenore, what really happened to Rendain? Does the fight ever end? Gearbox could basically pull a Borderlands 2 with this. From what I see anyway.

Battleborn is the foundation for something much greater in my eyes, it’s only the beginning. All it needs is support. From us, and the developers.

Evolve became stale, over time, for me personally. The core gameplay was great, the concept was great. The lore, environments, characters. But balancing made the game…odd. One minute Kraken was considered decent, then OP. Then they continued to increase his power, making him more public friendly. I could go on about the issues I had with Evolve, but that didn’t necessarily make that a bad game, because it wasn’t. I feel that they went free to play far too late. But it’s not too late with Battleborn. I say release a Trial version, if it isn’t coming soon already anyway. Advertise it even. Stray away from Overwatch comparisons as much as possible. Show people that this isn’t just an Overwatch clone, because it isn’t. It really isn’t.

I have high hopes for Battleborn, because I like it, a lot. The diversity and variety of the characters, the world design and lore behind the world and each character. The unique gameplay elements, each characters play style is vastly different and keeps me interested. All in all I have very high hopes for Battleborn, and I really don’t want to see it crash and burn. Please, let’s not let that happen.

Tl;dr - Battleborn could be the foundation for Battleborn 2 (essentially a Borderlands 2 move). I have high hopes for Battleborn and do not want to see it fail. I enjoy it greatly and I’m sure others do as well.


I really hope that it keeps going, or that there is at least a sequel. Borderlands 1 was very different to Borderlands 2, and BL2 was absolutely amazing. Perhaps now they’re starting a new IP, they just need to get into their stride, and will give us a sequel that’s mindblowingly good. I live in hope.

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It’s ridiculous how 2k pulled the plug on evolve when it had so much more potential. TRS clearly wanted to make more but 2k just gave them the bird and prevented them from doing so.
All in all 2k pulled the plug on future evolve content and did a piss poor job at advertising BB so 2k has disappointed me a lot this year

When has 2k not disappoint


The future of Battleborn was grim at launch, and it’s even grimmer now

I have little doubt the game has 2-3 months before it goes F2P, and only slightly longer before it gets shut down.

When it goes F2P (not if, when), it won’t gain enough traction to actually have a respectable playerbase. It’s simply too late for Battleborn. It’s going to die, and there’s nothing we, nor Gearbox, can do about it.

This is why one thing I hate about Battleborn is the online only thing and all data being stored on some server. I can go back to my N64 or original Xbox and play at least the single player mode of whatever game I want, even if it wasn’t a huge hit. It makes me sad to know that there will be some point, probably less than a decade away, where I’ll never be able to properly revisit these characters or this experience again.


It’s a pet peeve of mine ever since beta. The online only requirement.

Yes it keeps away the blatant cheaters (atleast on consoles) but it is a much more risky venture considering not everyone has a good internet connection. If it was PvP only then the story would be diffirent, but there’s a somewhat meaty PvE experience on the disc aswel.


This is why I don’t buy online only games (broke that rule once, never again).

I agree with everything you say, but one small note. Overwatch announced their release date after Battleborn. They waited for Battleborn. They expertly times their events to mess up Battleborns. Gearbox had no choice. If they had delayed it, it would’ve proved they were scared of Blizzard. If they had announced it after, everyone would assume it was a clone, or, OW would also wait, making neither game release until one broke the silence. They out in all of their effort to completely define the genre


I’m aware. It’s just a shame that Overwatch was released in a similar window. It definitely had involvement in why Battleborn wasn’t doing so well. Everyone was talking about it, then they said “Battlewhat?”. Sometimes they meant it sarcastically. Sometimes they were serious. If Battleborn was Borderlands 3, maybe it could have competed with overwatch for the spotlight. Not as a direct competitor gameplay wise, I mean just as a game. But Battleborn isn’t Borderlands 3, so people shrugged it off. You still see the “where’s borderlands 3?” Comments here and there, people just want gearbox to move on from Battleborn, not knowing a lot of people actually like, or even love it.


What the hell is “Evolve”?
That sounds like an energy drink for big muscled up guys.

No, but what is it? It sounds awesome! I’d totally drink that!!!

Breaking Character…

Battleborn has a lot of potential as an IP. The characters are the best part of it. The strength of the characters alone brings up a lot of interactive storytelling opportunities, should they choose to explore the IP further. Battleborn, even if it’s future looks iffy in this incarnation, could definitely have a future in another form, be it interactive stories, comic books, a sequel that works out the bugs of the original, or some other form of mixed media. Of course I’m speaking from a biased perspective, since my favorite part of the game is the characters, the story, and the silliness that results from it, but it really does have potential, even if it’s not in this form.

The problem with ANY shared experience video game, and in general, any entertainment that offers a shared experience, is convincing others that it’s worth it. Humans are social creatures. As such, you will always be dealing with a mob mentality when creating a piece of shared experience entertainment. A person does not want to be the only one at the party. A person wants to be a part of the group. Engaging in a shared group experience with others gives him/her something to talk about, something to share with others, some common ground that makes him/her feel like they’re part of something bigger. That’s why Star Wars: Force Awakens, or James Cameron’s Avatar, or Overwatch do well, while other great movies or great games don’t gather as much momentum or attention. They’re hyped. Whether or not that hype is deserved is irrelevant. The fact that something is hyped will make more people partake of it because they’re guaranteed to have social interactions and common ground by partaking of it, and thus… feel a sense of togetherness with the rest of humanity. When given the choice between a hyped shared experience, like Overwatch, and a shared experience that is well made, but not as hyped, most people will choose the hype every time. Because why risk being alone?

That’s why Battleborn could have a brighter future with well written independent stories and individual reading. Because it’s not a party someone has to pay to attend and potentially risk being alone. It’s a book or a comic you can pick up and check out on your own, that the creators can make without having to worry about decorations and food and enterainment and making sure everyone has a good time. They can just focus on telling a good story with interesting characters and let people come to it and recommend it on their own. Then they can build a shared experience around that.

I do enjoy the game when I can find people to play, but it’s admittedly not as much fun on your own. It’s not as challenging on your own (Except in hardcore advanced), and a party isn’t going to do well when there’s a more well known party going on a few blocks away that everybody knows about.

I think the Battleborn universe needs a chance to thrive independently as it’s own experience. Then people can discover it, find ways to share it, and then ultimately, develop a stronger fan base for stronger shared experiences down the road.


Battleborn is (sadly) circling the drain. Just look at the playerbase on Steam. Server issues in various regions…ridiculous matchmaking system…character balancing decisions that are questionable at best.

It really is a shame as its a great game with lots of potential and it really is a nice alternative to Overwatch and others like it.

I’d take a good look at the BB marketing department and see what went wrong with its pre-release hype. Theres only so much you can put down to it being Blizzard/Overwatch.

You’re definitely right about the marketing - it was ruthlessly outplayed in that front by Blizzard. How many advertisements/billboards did you see for Battleborn? Literally none. But there were heaps for Overwatch, which unfortunately overshadowed it by a large amount.


Brilliant points, my good man!