2K has ended further development on Evolve, how does that make us feel about the future of Battleborn?

I saw a couple TV ads on Monday Night Raw. That was kind of it, actually. And that was probably because 2K publishes the lazy WWE games every year.

Yeah, good point. 2K seem to be focusing elsewhere, or not focusing at all and just being lazy.

I think I saw a Youtube ad once.

Even though my face is a black circle, I can’t pass over this post and not stop to express how absolutely dead-on true it is.

Yes, in the end she finally admitted it: the damn bird is pretty smart deep down. And don’t tell anyone, Benny, but… I kinda like you too.


I was looking so forward to trying Stage 2 on Console :frowning: My computer can’t run ■■■■. Tried Dead by Daylight and that’s a lag fest for me.

2k has never cared for the unique games,borderlands, borderlands 2 (yes even that), and the masterpiece that is evolve, all they advertise is 2k sports games, and all it does is piss me off


I think as long as we get to see to the end of the season pass DLC plans (5 characters and 5 Operations), I can’t say I’d be too sad that that is all we end up getting for this iteration of Battleborn. :heart:

The Attikus DLC is awesome and we should still have 4 more of these type of updates coming in the future, which if all goes well, will bring us back around to almost a year of playing Battleborn. Most games (even the more hyped ones) don’t even get that (I played Uncharted 4 for like 2 days until I beat it and haven’t touched it since), and while there have been issues, I’ve still had many, many hours of fun with this game (including playing solo) and the hobby projects I have based on it.

I like the characters, the lore and the gameplay (and the people I have met through playing and lurking on these forums and Discord), I don’t give a ■■■■ if others don’t see what I see in the game. :sunglasses:

Online-Only games are something people are still trying to come to terms with. I have played Destiny for 2.5 years straight, right now I can’t fathom the day when the servers will eventually shut down and I can no longer jump on and run a Vault of Glass (not that I can right now without some major people managing anyway) or shoot stuff on Patrol. I’ll probably be playing Destiny 2 by then but that’s not the point.

Right now, if I wanted to, I could pick up Borderlands 2 (or even BL1), start a fresh game and experience the whole thing all over again with or without internet. I probably won’t be able to do that with Battleborn or Destiny at some point, which sucks but that’s what you have to remember when getting into these games.

That being said, I still look forward to whatever Gearbox does. I like all the original stuff they create and I will take it in whatever form it comes out as, :gift: or :poop:.


Battleborn was dead on arrival. There was no coming back from such poor launch numbers (no game ever does). The DLC that was promised will eventually be released and that will be that. I hope they learned a lot technically from this experiment that they can use in BL3. Gearbox won’t say it but there will be no Battleborn 2. I expect if they do make a multiplayer online game again it will be a new IP again.

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Battleborn is doing well on console, where as Evolve was dead on Console.
You cant take steam charts as the only input.
Evolve stage 2 was a PC only and they had left “Legacy” Evolve to rot.
Theres no way for us to kno the total population numbers across all three platforms, but i feel pretty sure that BB’s numbers are still overall higher then Evolve’s.


Yeh I’m not buyin into the doom and gloom just yet. Also I thought it was the other way around: that Turtle Rock pulled out. Anyways, different game, different dev, different scenario. I’m not too worried.

Console was fine, I could play when I wanted, and steamcharts ain’t everything, steamspy is better

How was console fine? It hasnt had an update in 6 months or more, Keldar is still an OP one trick pony ruining every other match.
An the matches? I waited 45 mons for a ranked match 3 days ago. Got one, evrybody quit because there was a bronze elite, said eff it, re qued, waited another 50 mins gave up, went to Quickplay, got a match with 3 bots against a BoB who literally killed my bot mates an then followed me around rock walling me and to gue grabbing an wouldnt let me escape, an as soon as id break his armor hed roll away an come back full.
Had 7, people join that match an they all immediately quit.
Ok fine, bad luck, tried QP again, got into a match of all monster mains, when the one giy got monster, 2 quit, and then the last guy stood where he landed off the drop pod until he was snuck an killed cuz i left him behind.
I tried to play for 5 hours an didnt have a single half decent match.
When was the last time you played Evolve? I get on once a week an its always a ■■■■ show leaving me wishing i had a PC.

R.I.P, E.M.E.T. I’ll always remember you…


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At least I hope they’ll take care about PVE before “game is complete” status is set. Won’t leave some characters in inviable state, you know…

You don’t need 10 people for every match to enjoy PVE, so I think PVE part of the game is more capable of surviving than PVP.

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Evolve was literally a bad game since it came out.

BB was a dead game not because the game was bad.

1 more year would be alright. Most FPS games only last 3 years anyways.

I played on xbox, never had trouble

“We” rely on Steam numbers because that’s the only platform who give numbers at any time to everyone.
You say that Battleborn does well on console, but you actually have no idea how many players there is right now.
Also when the biggest selling platform on PC say your game is average, and there is no advertisement about your game anywhere (Console or not) You are not doing well.

And just look at Twitch or Youtube, the numbers of peoples actually watching or sharing stuff about Battleborn is… non-existent.
Right now there is 2 channels, with 7 viewers.

Even if Console do better than PC (It probably does) it’s just a slow death as there is no good advertisement, from anyone, Players, Publisher, or Pro-players.
The only informations peoples can get is from Steam numbers, steam reviews and Twitch. And none of them are good toward BB.

You can be the greatest, but if nobody know it, you could just be the worst and that would be the same thing.

No, that’s 2K’s decision.
Same Publishers, same mindset, same money.

I don’t think Battleborn has a life after GBX finishes their DLC plans and moves onto BL3 like originally stated.


Evolve fans should definitely sign this


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I literally said that in my post lmao.
You just told me abunch of stuff i already kno lmfao