2K has the worst customer service

So I have been trying to get help on my reverent UVHM second dlc purchase, because it doesn’t register it on my game and is giving me problems. 2K, the people who are responding to my emails, have taken a week to just ask me the same questions literally 5 times over. Switched over to a supervisor after irritatingly inquiring to talk to someone higher than a 12 year old’s questions, and now 3 days have gone by with no contact whatsoever. So annoyed. I can’t believe I don’t wanna play borderlands 2 anymore because I can’t level past 61! Sorry for my rant. Just hoping somebody sees it and can help.

why are you talking to 2k? talk to gearbox.

It goes to 2K support for BL2…

Anyway, @deeess333: obviously I don’t have any access to support stuff, but I do know that if you respond through the web site once the initial ticket is opened, it’s easy to accidentally keep creating new tickets, and that makes it confusing on the other end.

So please do make sure that you reply to the emails directly (not through the website) and top-post your replies (ie above the previous content). This way, the conversation will stay properly threaded on the support system and you should end up talking to the same individual each time.

I only reply via email. I understand though. I’ll keep trying to see it through, jus getting antsy because I didn’t think it would take this long