2k price price drop and early buyers

So I can understand the Amazon sale because you guys don’t control them but now a sale on the publishers own site is a slap in the face to people that actually like you guys.

Here’s a suggestion to not tick off current players that bought the apparently overpriced game at $60.00
I say this because you yourself and every other retailer sees that the market does not bear your product at $60.

Just give those people 1 or more of these hero unlock tokens. That cant be that hard, right? The plan for bringing in new players due to your horribly low current player count shouldn’t also involve compromising the respect of the people you currently have.

edited with the link for those unaware: http://store.2k.com/store/Tk22k/list/categoryID.70480100



Unlock token is not enough. Some cool exclusive content would make the things right.

i go for some special legendary gear that only the early adopters can have

I think a good suggestion would be to give early adopters 2-3 Legendary Loot packs. It does seem unfair that only three weeks after release, the games is marked down to $40. I had a friend go out and buy the Digital Deluxe version for $75 dollars at launch, while I waited (but had a rental version through Gamefly) and was able to capitalize on the Amazon deal for the same version; but at $40. That just seems unfair to him.

I disagree here. Exclusive items with in-game stats are a tricky and dangerous road. It’s not worth the headache.

The exclusive content is the five golden firstborn skins. And it’s a sale, not a price drop for clarification

Agreed about that. Few exclusive skins would fit the role.

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2K decided on the lower price to celebrate the release of Alani. Take it up with them if it bothers you.

If every normal person know a product would be on 33% sale 25 days after release, preorder support would end for sure.

As I said, I don’t have any problem. More players is indeed good. But we need some kind of exclusive compensation for those extra 30 dollars we payed 25 days ago.

Look, I know you are required to get their back by being a moderator, but you can’t believe this is an Alani celebration and not “damage control” due to lack of players.

Anyway, I should take it up with them. Are you saying that 2k has the ability to put things into the game such as packs and hero tokens?

And I repeat, you got 5 exclusive skins. No one else can get them anymore. You’ve been compensated for preordering. I don’t disagree that it sucks that they had a sale 3 weeks in, but personally i wanted to play this at launch and love playing this game so much that I don’t mind I payed full price. I’m glad to support the developers. But again, you’re asking for exclusive skins, but you already got them. Anyone else who bought a physical copy more recently should go to the store they bought it at and ask for the discounted price. Most places will do that in the first month.

I have a dream…that one day…everyone who uses the phrase “a slap in the face” will actually get slapped in the face, so they know that what happened wasn’t actually a slap in the face.

I just want the game to succeed and be around a long time. I do get that this annoys people, but it happens all the time.

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Just want to ask you a quick question.

Do you purchase products from people or companies that are either deceitful or incompetent?
Not saying anything about 2k, you know, just in general.

Not knowingly. And please, even if you think that applies here, it isn’t an appropriate discussion to have. Do I wish the launch had been a bigger success? Yes. Do I think there are reasons for it that could have been handled better? Absolutely. But let’s leave it at that, because progressing beyond that isn’t going to help matters.

What CAN help is to get people to take advantage of the sale and increase the install base. You may personally be pissed about the price cut (I don’t know) but we all want the same thing, for the game to be a success in the long run, don’t we?

But let me reiterate, sales just after release happen all the time, especially when games don’t do awesome out of the gate. I used to be a store manager for Gamestop and I’ve seen it many times.

I’m only passing on what I read on the 2K blog about it. That has nothing to do with being a mod.