2nd monitor support for strategic view?

So, I had a thought, is it possible for 2nd monitor support for a large scale view? Kinda like how Supreme Commander has it’s 2nd monitor support to have a large scale map so you can see a good overview of the entire battlefield. Sometimes I’m zoomed in supervising a fight, or positioning units or something and I get a bit surprised when I zoom out I’ve nearly missed an attack coming in towards my mothership.


This strikes me of one of those things that would be nice to have, but I’m guessing that there would be too much work needed to justify including it. Multiple monitor support seems to be a common enough request for most games, but I’ve only seen a handful of games actually do it.

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I don’t own a second monitor, but that would be an awesome idea, indeed. A permanent sensor manager in the other monitor! Much work to include it, sadly, but if GBX is thinking about some post-launch patches or goodies, I’m sure this would be extremely well-welcomed!

Oh, I totally agree, not something easily done or should be done now. But it’d be a pretty great post-launch goodies to do.

As someone who games with two monitors, the desire for games that support two screens is tempered by this: I want both of those gaming windows to be WINDOWED fullscreen, not fullscreen.

Supreme Commander being the game that famously supports a second monitor for anything (though typically a large strategic map), that only works in fullscreen. :C

Which highlights an issue with multimonitor support that way: what about multiplayer?

Those with two monitors would have an incredible tactical advantage over those who don’t. Unless such a feature is disabled in multiplayer, I just can’t support its addition to the game.

That is somewhat akin to saying people with better computers/connections would have an unfair advantage over those running the minimum spec. It takes a half second to flick into sensors manager, so it’s not a huge advantage to have it always there.

Honestly, I’d like a sensor window and the build/research screen there. Perhaps even a list of your hotkey squadrons and their health/status.

Never going to happen, but it would be neat :smiley:

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It’s not as much an advantage as one thinks. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Computer power difference can be mitigated by lowering the graphical fidelity, and connections issues usually affect both the ones with issues and the ones attacking them equally (which made desyncs on WON quite hilarious back in the days).

A screen with the tactical view IS a significant advantage, just saying that it takes half a second to switch isn’t enough (that it takes half a second here would itself be a disavantage anyway) as one would need to switch view every three seconds to be in a comparable situation.

“All’s fair in love and war”? Well, isn’t this War? Granted, you could always do a gentle(wo)man’s agreement to not turn it off, or perhaps make it an option on the setup.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem likely to happen, but I can still hope!

This kind of feature would be absolutely awesome. Not sure why people are so worried about it unbalancing things though; it worked great in Supreme Commander and while neat and really convenient to use, it wasn’t really that much of overwhelming advantage. Has anyone played that?

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Yap. I could play with it. I have played with it. Mostly I turned it off, though. lol.

That is a very intriguing tone I am reading into your comment. The way I would do it under previous systems would be to utilise the ‘observer’ player slot, occupy it and run two instances of the client. Of course, if as an observer you can view all in sensor manager then it is going to be a little unfair.

…that’s totally different from Supreme Commander’s implementation. :open_mouth: SC’s implementation is literally a second screen that has the same functionality as the first, so you have two windows into your command and control interface. You could have both close up on the battle, or both zoomed out on the strategic view. But they showed only what you could see.

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Yea, using an Observer slot wouldn’t work since that gives a 100% view of everything. But as Kirazy points out, it’s literally just a 2nd instance of the primary screen pretty much. It’d take a lot more rendering horsepower, but if you left it zoomed way out so you have a good battlefield overview (and just saw the icons) it wasn’t all that bad.

Will the devs implement this? If would be really cool to have…