2x DPUH from vendor

Can you get 2 of these from the torgue vendor? I already have one but the second won’t show up.

It’s a random spawn as item of the day; you just have to hit as many of the Torgue vending machines as possible, save/quit/restart, and try again. Note that there’s no guarantee you’ll get a double penetrating, even if a UH shows up - there are other prefixes as well. You just have to keep trying. Alternatively, you could farm Savage Lee in the Marrowfields (Three Horns Divide) - his drop rates are really good right now with the tweaks GBX is experimenting with.

Cheers for the reply, was just getting frustrated because I must of quit and looked two hundred times. Managed to get it five mins after posting though.

Yeah I dont get em often either… In fact I’ve only ever found one dpuh from the venders. You’ll just have to keep on trying. But keep on doing em mate :wink: and best of luck to you!

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