2x the people are playing Euro Truck Simulator than this game

Seriously. http://store.steampowered.com/stats/

Its most revered by truck drivers and do you have any idea how many truck drivers there are?


The same amount of people are playing Binding of Isaac Rebirth as this game, and that’s almost a year old.


That would be the Desperate Housewifes Faction who wish abortion after the fourth trimester was legal.

And your point is?
I think a less huge base of players reduces the amount of kiddies and unpleasant players alot. As long GBX & 2K make their share of profit I see no issue with less immature gamers roaming the servers.

Also: Played Dungeon Keeper 2 yesterday, does not mean I cannot appreciate BB. Just because people play old titles atm, does´nt automatically mean they hate or boykott BB.

More people are playing

Dota 2, by 200x the amount.
Counterstrike, by 100x the amount.
TF2, by 10x the amount.
Football Simulator by 10x the amount.
Dark Souls 3
Civ 5
Garrys Mod
Arma 3
Rocket League
Clicker Heroes
Tree of Savior
AdVenture Capitalist
Stardew Valley
War Thunder
Knights Online
Euro Truck Simlutator 2
Football Manager
Europa Universalis IV
Don’t Starve
Payday 2
Total War
Binding of Isaac.

Don’t be insane. There is a difference between “Kiddies” And within your first week your game actually having a completely dead community. To entertain myself in North America I have been searching Capture for 2+ Hours now with 4 friends and we still haven’t found a game.

Also, I don’t know if you are aware, but gearbox put millions of dollars into this game. They need more than 4000 players a day on it.

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the only real games on that list that I can understand why so many people play them. counterstrike doesn’t count. its an evergreen that defies all gaming logic.

But all those other games are fairly priced. This game should not have come out full priced.

The “Campaign” was at most 4 hours. And the PVP games are so unbalanced with groups (which is me and my friends) Against randoms, where we win within 5 minutes.

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Well maybe this nice community were not so dead if less people like you would just join the forums to poclaim how sh+t BB is. I don´t see any productive reason in opening this topic., its just a landmine to instill more hatred.

If you are able to produce &pay & advertise a game better nthan GBX/2K - do so. Otherwise I just don´t see your point.

Have you ever encountert a smooth, completely issue-free launch of a game? Wih no server lags, login problems or nagging fanbase? I sure have not.

I´ll stay out of this topic, have fun hating, as 89% of the other people. Hate seems to be the big new thing.


This game is ■■■■■■■ fantastic by the way. I’m level 30 and mastered a champion already. I absolutely love it.

Reasons it’s not worth 80$

Its a new MOBA that’s flooded with MOBA’s that are cheaper that offer the same content.
Short Campaign
Lack of regulation in dodging or leaving games.
No ranking mode
High Price Tag

It’s not even about the launch glitches. I experienced ZERO launch glitches. I didn’t even feel any glitches in Beta.

I have logged in 26 hours so far and I usually run with pugs of 3-5 in PVE. Hell we even had a 5 man pug run at Heliophage.
I have been playing day and night and it never takes me more than 5 minutes to get a group.

Maybe Battleborn players swing more the PVE way cause Borderlands you know. Also from what I have heard there is maybe a pug vs premades issue or people are just farming for gear while the getting is good.

5 Minutes. To find a game.

The player base has gone to 1/3 within 1 week.
The PVE is 10 missions that are 20-40 minutes.

not 5 minutes, basically just not enough time to roll a smoke


Me and my friend have been searching over 2 hours in PVP. In every game mode for 45 Minutes each.

In the first week… of a MOBA.

I feel that this is a really big issue on Steam, maybe its even not directly related to BB or its code, but a Steam-matter.
So far on XB1 there was never a longer waitingtime than 1min - indeed not enough to roll a smoke^^

I hope the servers will get more stable soon, its ashame most PC-gamers cannot enjoy it as we consoleros do…

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There you have it, you compare this to a MOBA. That’s your mistake. MOBAs are F2P so I guess there wont be many of your kind here. I come from FPS and Borderlands and my experience is in line with my Borderlands experience and that is a successful franchise. TBH PVE is very much Borderlandish.

oh marketing was pisspoor and steam didn’t even push the game but instead rather buried it. Actually quite a feat for Battleborn to get into the sales top ten at launch.

then again I like the decision to waste less money on marketing. marketing does nothing to improve a product and takes away from its production value.

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This must be a pc issue at peak times the wait is a minitue tops on the ps4 I do hope the game becomes more active to reduce the queue times though.

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Here’s why you are wrong:
Reasons it’s not worth 80$

  1. Its a new MOBA that’s flooded with MOBA’s that are cheaper that offer the same content.

Most other games have microtransactions even if they are free. Also, do you realize how long it takes to unlock 25 characters in any of those games?

  1. Short Campaign

It HAS a campaign, that has great replayability. Heck COD has a campaign that most don’t bother with or play once.

  1. Lack of regulation in dodging or leaving games.

Any just started games have those issues. Heck even LoL just got some good changes last year and are still working on it.

  1. No ranking mode

I play games for fun. Rest assured they’ll get it up and running so you can have your precious bragging rights

5.High Price Tag

Thats not even an arguement. It’s like me saying, “you know why this sucks? Because it sucks!”

Finally the game only cost 60 or 47 if you got it on amazon if you have a prime account. If you immediately picked up the season pass, then that is on you.


The “high” price tag doesnt even apply for the consonle version its the same price as overwatch has more pvp modes than oveewatch someone said overwatch will have microtrans but nott sure battleborn has a campain and more heros. Also doing a quick google search battleborn is the same price on pc.