3 ASE with a Green Monster and Brainstormer

Anyone else tried stacking 3 ASE with a Brainstormer, the Green Monster & Some for the Road?

I tried this just now. Seems that the longer you hold down the Brainstormer, the more damage it gets, and It seems like that Monster corrosive damage spreads with the electric arcs. At some point while holding down the trigger, things just seem to spike through the roof. In the final phase of the Valk, I took out all 3 of them and the entire trash mob group in 1 Brainstormer clip solo on Mayhem 4.


I was thinking about trying something similar out with my Amara. Use a brainstormer with bonus corrosive damage on ase with a Cryo and rad on ase shield and grenade, with my element set to fire(18% bonus elemental damage from fist of the elements capstone) and bam that’s all elemental damage types on ase. Not tried it yet but I think it’s pretty neat.

I’m fairly sure that the Brainstormer functions like any other weapon that spawns extra beams/projectiles which link or ricochet to other targets, which means that if you’re running different (non-shock) ASE elements on your shield and grenade, you’re triggering the exploit where it spawns multiple link/ricochet projectiles, which is why the damage increase seems so abnormal. I use it to speed-farm the Takedown on the way to Wotan with Amara on lower Mayhem modes to see if I get any anointed drops for the Redistributor and Kyb’s Worth.

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Did you also Try it with a electric banjo?

The Brainstormer’s shock splinters can proc the electric banjo, as can grenade mirvs.

Does anyone know if the 50% bonus elemental damage for 2 mags anoint spawns bonus ricochets?

Hang on a moment, I might have a severe case of “the stupid”.
…you can stack different elemental ASE anointments? Doesn’t get activated only the anointment on your equipped weapon (plus the one on the grenade)?

Did I do everything wrong so far?

Weapon + grenade + shield … as long as all 3 are different elements

Yeah you can stack them, and it becomes ludicrous with weapons that ricochet. Moxsy put out a video a while ago explaining that as long as your ASE anointments provide different elements to the one in your main weapon, as long as it’s one that ricochets or links to other enemies, it will create extra projectiles that match the different elements. The Recursion and Brainstormer are the two most obvious suspects to use this exploit with, but it also works with Jakobs weapons.

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Well, that means that I can use weapon + shield, as the anointment for my grenade is already taken :wink: thx!

Oh boy, I really want to try it with the mindsweeper mod and see if I can just use the brainstormer/Calls to generate different elemental grenades.

This works quite powefully; and may even work on single targets with the leech
but you can also do this with facepuncher + white elephant without the anointments