3 Battleborn Now Garbage

3 Characters I played Nerfed to crap

  • El Dragon: OMG hes total garbage especially w/ the buffs to other melee characters!
  • Oscar Mike: his AOE was what he had going for him for skill damage so now w/ his dinky lil gun he can barely do anything to kill people
  • Whiskey Foxtrot: he had a pretty nice napalm late game so he wasn’t totally inferior to OM and now that got nerfed

I wouldn’t mind learning the melee characters that got buffed but characters that I already play are nerfed to crap so it’s basically like I spent a ton of time learning them and that time was wasted since they are useless now.

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OM and WF are still awesome in the right hands, and with the right build; El Dragon will be remembered…

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really have no idea what the problem is with whiskey and oscar, especially whiskey, also did his ult animation get faster, I saw a video and it sure looked like it

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I don’t play him enough to be 100% certain on WF’s ult; he’s only my fourth favorite character.

Only El Dragon is lackluster (the worst of 28 battleborn confirmed), those 2 other guys are still very effective and WF even more so, because of the automatic attacks.

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@Hohoho15 heard his penta line want to know it

I love the new wft!! Oscar mike is still good.

How is he new, also am I the only one who still uses stickn sap

Auto fire increased my accuracy, so is new for me!

Yup. I can land more shots now that my hands aren’t doing as many things with him

giggles thats what she said

Im sry!


That’s what she is GRATEFUL for

Is it really that nice? Huh… I guess i’ll have to give WF some love tonight. Freaky, mutated clone love.

Also, how is Ghalt not mentioned in this thread? His trap feels about as scary as Toby’s pre-buff core discharge… Or Garblanthix Ur; who is fictional, and thus, NOT scary.

It just feels so much better for me. I don’t have to worry about mashing the trigger and having a correct tempo in order to profit the most from using him.

Ghalt is in an interesting spot in theory from the change in his design and in incursion where he was pretty beastly. He seems entirely reliant on his team now. If the minions had stayed the way they were I think he would be in a better spot

Whiskeys fine but I agree with OM.

His Napalm was great to counter shielding characters like Galilea and Boldur and even good at scaring off a Pendles or Rath that get too close.
Now they get to run amok because OM cant even handle a wave of minions now.

Dragon is straight buried.

Its like they want to split their tiny playerbase in half with all these ridiculous changes. Its like they dont even try to pre test them first.

This is the only reason that I am not totally depressed about this whole update! I can’t wait to try him! I didn’t get to yesterday because it took five frickin’ hours to download the update. :rage:

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Ha! Test it? What are you thinking!

Half of the characters are meant to be fodder for Ernest and Pendles so that their players can rack up Worthy of Song.

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OM’s AOE radius nerf was… Ridiculous. I guess they found a way to make nades on nades a little better.
Thorns Blight radius wasn’t nerfed nearly as hard, while OM’s napalm radius was only the size of the initial explosion.
Blight was much more powerful than napalm ever was… It has a slow!! Om doesn’t have any CC! (Except for LVL10…)

Though his gun is still fine!

Ghalt is ruined too now.

I’m still going 3.0 K/D and higher as Ghalt - he hurts much more in solo fights / ambushes now, but gear him as a DPS monster and he holds his own.