3 Battleborn Now Garbage

So his scrap traps are worthless. Which also makes it tougher to use grappling hook since I don’t want melee in close if they are not stunned. Also any small character just hugs my Ghalt since I can’t hit them or stun them when they are that close. The 2 second slow does nothing against most characters. Most have an easy escape or they can just DPS me down.

The combos with Oscar Mike were just BS.

Ghalt - trap/stun, OM - naplam - instant death. Or any combo where Mike can toss his napalm on players who can’t move around.

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Things like this, combo moves. In modes like incursion, it focuses on effective team work/play. A lot of people keep thinking of Ghalt in a 1v1 situation and don’t Include the fact that other team members can actually work well with Ghalt.

I’ve seen the size reduction to thorn and mike’s AOE and it just looks…pathetic in comparison to before. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but they don’t seem to be of much use anymore. Did they nerf the damage AND radius? If so, surely one or the other would have been better rather than nerfing both aspects.

The radius nerf was not needed at all, oscar just needed damage nerf


I would say that reducing time of effect would be enough, as it would also reduce damage.

Good point but by how much

They reduced it from 6 to 4 seconds and I think that is a good starting point. That itself reduces damage by third already, from 720 to 480.

Sounds like a little much at level two HOWEVER someone on here mentioned giving it a a scaling system

It seems like a lot, but I think Blight did 480 before changes, and it has slow on level 1 as well as 2 seconds faster cooldown. Both damage and time of effect (more damage again) of Blight can be increased with Helix, while napalm can get either damage or range. Not to mention Mike has only that one attack skill until his ultimate is unlocked.

My friend blight was too powerful back then, but I still like the scaling idea, as long as it is not better single target than nades on nades, that is

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Well we are speaking about damage when someone is literally sitting in the area of effect for entire time. Such high possible damage is indirectly useful for 2 things. One is that people will avoid it so you can use it to scatter or push multiple enemies. Another is that well prepared Mike can try to fight some of melee characters inside napalm area, that is if they try to ignore it thinking it wont do much to them. I would say that small possibilities like those keep Mike from becoming too simple and boring to play.

I think that main problem of napalm was that it blocked the way for whole 6 seconds which is far too long if someone doesnt want to take a bit of damage. This includes enemies that want to retreat on low health.

Scaling damage could be a good idea as well, Im not saying no, the main problem is really that they changed too much at the same time.

WF foxtrot is perfect right now. He just need a few more rounds in the mag.

He is the assist king of all assassins!

I know it sounds like that will all the “single target damage” I’m saying, but I don’t want minion waves to be fire and forget again (though it would be lesser with these changes) plus with a shorter time frame the ticks go faster

Ghalt is bad too. Most of his combo relied on stunning with the scraptrap.

No it’s still the same


Napalm is easy to avoid. And it was a great way to balance OMike dealing with Pendles, Galilea and Boldur. Its sad that balanced characters get nerfed because people dont have good map awareness…

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