3 Element Moze build using fear! 15 min SS Mayhem 3 TVHM!

The goal of the build is to apply 3 elements using the new fear mechanic. The elements are fire/cryo/shock. What’s cool is although the gun and class mod has to be specific…you can use any shield or artifact. In order for everything to synergize you need to have, splash, area of effect, grenade radius versions of the class mod and artifact. It’s very basic…allow yourself to be in fear while using the engulfing ogre that is anointed with +50 cryo on fear. Use a grenade to apply shock. This applies 3 elements and you get insane crits of 10k to 150k! I’m sure this could be done with any fire weapon that is anointed with +50 cryo on fear but the engulfing ogre was my pick. Be careful! Lol I killed myself in the video and had to restart the round which is why it’s 20 minutes instead of 15… I hope this helps someone that wants to quit Moze!