3 hugely positive but maybe somewhat overlooked changes

I have been somewhat negative on GB lately so wanted to post something positive. I see a lot of talking about the patch and many positive comments about Moze and other things but I just have to point out 3 positive changes that I haven’t seen being discussed as much that makes the game feel so much better now.

-mayhem tags on gear. We shouldn’t need mayhem tags because item scaling is stupid and ruining the game but I digress…I know this was technically already added before this patch but I wasn’t playing so it’s new to me and it also is strongly tied to my other two points…
-nade scaling. Getting nades on level is huge and makes me feel good again about nades even if I have to literally re-farm a bank full of nades.
-item scaling from all sources. I didn’t realize just how lame it was that items in chests and boxes being M0 was until it was fixed. It’s so damn nice to not have this broken and actually feel good again about seeing random legendary items drop from a chest or box (even if I still get letdown again when I see the “while airborn” anointment).

In all honesty all of these things should have always been part of the game so these are more fixes to me than changes but regardless…it is having a very positive impact on the fun factor which was sorely needed. Thanks for finally addressing these issues GB.

  • DLC was good…
  • patch was FAR to late (putting M2.0 out in that state was the biggest mistake ever)
  • weapon scaling is second biggest mistake ever
  • skill/pet scaling FAR to late…

i can go on with this but we all get the point.

so the negativity is still pretty much valid… i see more things breaking in the future (let’s just hope it’s not mayhem 2.0 level of screw up)


Honestly just curious how is weapon scaling such a bad thing, but grenade/skill/pet scaling a good thing


Because a lot of players think it leads to bullet sponges in higher Mayhem Levels. In order for GBX to add difficulty in other ways, they would need to fundamentally change how BL3 is played. But they don’t need to do that. There are other mechanics that could add difficulty, and they did some of that in the GTD. But I don’t have a problem with weapon scaling. I don’t understand why some want to call it a negative thing or ‘big mistake’.

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That’s an easy question. The answer is…scaling of items sucks because it is creating all this power creep in the game and is the main reason why nades and action skills have been broken. If they had instead made a difficulty system based on enemies or something else for max level characters (without mayhem levels) we wouldn’t be having all these issues.

However, if we are forced to have item scaling…at a minimum it should be in a working state and not scaling pets, AS and nades was completely broken.


I can agree here… GBX should have made sure that all items, with the exception of shields and artifacts, scaled properly. Would have avoided a lot of headaches. But, hindsight is 20/20.

they probably dont know how m2.0 can ■■■■ up a game

Except damage dealing shields should scale. There is absolutely zero reason to use a spike/nova/knockback shield now. Damage dealing shields have lower capacity to offset the fact they do damage. So instead of diversity, you have more limited options.


They should just buff all weapons and have shield, artifact scaling aswell

This was one of the biggest dealbreakers for me prior to the patch. Now I can happily play in mayhem without being irritated by that lol.

Yeah, I’m hoping this is something that’s addressed.


It’s also nice to see on-level gear in the vending machines… thought I’d never hear Earl berating me again, but vending machines are a quick, convenient dice roll for fine purple grenades, COMs, and shields as I travel about the galaxy.


i think 99% of the players encounterd at least 1 gamebreaking thing in their first 5 minuits after mayhem 2.0 :smiley:

wich made everybody have the idea that they didn’t playtest anything :wink:

and seeing how good the DLC’s are… we know that it’s a whole other part of the team.

also, most people on the forum where allready posting their concern towards M2.0 and its weaponscaling (and how it could and would break the game)

but at least they pretty much fixed all the M2.0 crap (lingering stuff isn’t as pressing) now they should shift their focus towards all the QoL stuff that’s still missing from the game (and make modifiers optional once and for all…)

only wish that the gap between normal and legandary weapons wasn’t so huge
(on that note… i wish earl’s vendingmachine would sell legendaries also)

Indeed it is! I can finally start my “No Legendary Gear M10” play through. I just started farming (machines & chests) & had a quick run into Athenas. Definitely a lot harder without legendary items but my initial reaction is… it’s doable*. I’m so spoiled by just melting enemies w/Hellshock & it’s really challenging to try and figure out which Epic or Rare item is better.

*I tried it just after M2.0 was released & back then it was not doable

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The idea of grenade scaling is great, but still they are far too weak to be viable on M10. If I throw an M10 Mirv Hex at a trashmob on M10 and he doesn’t even loose half of its shields, something is still wrong. And I have this kind of feedback from every other M10 grenade I used.

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White? Sure. Purple? If I wasn’t having a ball farting around with the gimmicks all the red text throws at the Legendary (and other) gear, and just wanted straight output damage/survivability, maybe half of my gear would be Epic.

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Clone drone with grenade output skills plus ducttape skill has been resulting in at least appreciable output. Downside is clone is so strong that it stopping to throw a grenade is outright bad barring crowd control via singularity. Yet crowd control is useless when the clone is quite literally one shotting mobs without element matching even.

The wall of free grenades add up now, but they need to be truly spammed. Classes without the ability to spam beyond a one off blowing of their load aren’t going to see any meaningful change.

Is it a shock hex?

No, I was using a Cryo Mirv Hex Grenade, that would at least explain the few damage vs. shields. But on my other characte Moze I have a Shock Hex… not much better.

Anyone else get the feeling that drop rates have been increased for crates/boxes/containers? I seem to be getting a lot of legendary items from port o potty containers, boxes, chests etc…Not sure if it’s just in the new DLC but I hope it’s game-wide.

I would rather they decouple anointments from gear to address the insane farming but the seeming increase of drops will at least somewhat blunt the pain of farming.

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I have not played much outside the DLC, but I know in the DLC chests have been pretty generous with legendaries.