3 improvements to make Borderlands 2 VR a great experience, rather than just a good one

This is something of a ranting post from a fan, and from someone who would love to see this game in a more completed state.

I wasn’t interested in the game until it supported the aim controller, but now, after spending many hours with it, I’d like to share some ideas (that I’m sure have been shared by others). I believe a few adjustments would make this a definitive VR experience. I’ve always been a fan of borderlands, and I’m a VR geek who has an array of headsets—so I do feel the game is good enough make due with the limitations of the PSVR.

Beyond just a graphics boost (reference what Skyrim on PSVR did to smooth things over and eliminate much of the late draw-in) here are the 3 things that I believe would make this a definitive experience in VR.

I’ve researched the reasoning behind not including co-op in the game, but it seems rather dubious at best. The inclusion of BAMF is a really fun feature. Simply turning it off for coop is an option, also including a team BAMF would work—something like a Claptrap style high five to initiate BAMF, or a confirmation button that puts both players in BAMF mode. To compensate for the sometimes OP mode, simply made the enemies more difficult. The aim controller is a fast and precise way to aim, so improving the aim of the enemies wouldn’t be a bad idea. On a side note, proximity chat wouldn’t be a bad feature for said co-op.

Some people enjoy snap turning and teleportation. …(Redacted by PH- we don’t use that kind of derogatory term here)… The elimination of teleportation for this hypothetical co-op game would be a good thing to not make the gameplay too wacky. That whole snap/teleportation business is about compensating for the horrible tech of the Move controllers. Only clowns want to play with silly clown-nosed controllers that have no joysticks—the Move controllers are by far the worst VR controllers to hit the market for any device, so their use should be a tertiary concern at best.

This is a bazaar thing to take out of the game. One moves around quite a bit more with the Aim or even the Dualshock (don’t even mention people using the Move controllers—they’re not even human beings) so it’s quite fun to have more mobility. This is simply a matter of immersion.

With those other 2 elements in place, I don’t give a crap, I’ll pay for the DLC content again. I already have BL2 on PC, 360, Xbox One, and PS4 and I was enough of a pathetic sucker for the game to buy every single headhunter pack even after the previous ones were clearly underhanded cash grabs—so screw it, lets do this. And if you have to make a choice of DLC content, clearly Torgue’s and Tina Tina’s are the way to go.

There is not another shooter/looter, or even another RPG that’s been made into co-op for VR thus far. Borderlands 2 VR was poised to do just that. Multiplayer shooters are all over the place with great mechanics (I’m thinking Caveman studio’s Contractors VR). So if there is a tech issue that’s difficult to overcome, there are plenty of independent studios who are pushing the envelope, and who are full of knowledgeable VR nerds who would probably love some of that gearbox pay.

Practically everything that was said after the initial announcement other than Aim support was a disappointment. The game is good, but Gearbox could make it great by just following a schematic that they already have. If the game forever remains in the state that it’s in, that’s quite underwhelming. I hate to see Gearbox go in halfway, and leave players only imagining how good the game could have been.

I agree with you 99% but I have to admit that I am a Clown :+1::clown_face:
I love to play this Game with the Moves more than with the Aim Controller or the Dualshock.
But the Multiplayer part and the possibility to duck and run for me is a must have.
I am Level 20 and i never used BAMF Time…
In my Opinion its make the Game to easy. :sunglasses:
And i am so excited for the 4 upcoming major DLCs comeing for free this Summer👍

Teleportation and snap turning are crutches for weak bellied individuals who should just eat some ginger for their motion sickness and get back in there like the VR warriors they want to be.

The running/walking issue you’ve mentioned is entirely created by the clown controllers. Designing for the Rudolph controllers creates a movement issue because you can’t simply move at the incremental speeds of a joystick because movement is a single button rather than dual potentiometers. Treating movement as buttons when you don’t have many buttons results in frustraiting imprecision. PC games can deal with movement as buttons because on a PC there are excess buttons that can modify that movement in any number of ways.

The second worst VR controllers are the default Mixed Reality controllers, but they are leaps and bounds better than the clown controllers for the simple inclusion of joysticks. The Vive wands are far better than that because of wonderful tracking, and the Rift’s touch controllers are like holding the glassy solidified tears of angels that rolled down from the heavens into your wanting fingers. At a time when Valve appears poised to release the super impressive looking Knuckles, the clown controllers should be relegated to the bleak misty runways of Alaska where they belong and could possibly be of some utility.

So far as single player is concerned, yes, of course you should be able to play the game however you please. And I don’t mean to exaggerate the issue. I don’t have any real problem with players who prefer the clown controllers–so long as you people stay on your side of the “freedom fence” I’ve conveniently built.

Yeah. Please don’t rant. And don’t use the kind of terms that I edited out, please. Not cool. It is the 21st century, after all.

I think co-op is defiantely needed for the grindingness of the game, as well to get all of the trophies, you cannot get 1 of the vault symbols at terramorphous in the current psvr, you could originally get with co-op, axton, or by being vaulted by terramorphous and you cant do it the co-op and vaulting way now, not sure about axton i dont play as him, and i say get rid of the. slow-mo it is a cool idea but it makes the game to easy

I just want a sprint option.

not sure why anyone would need BAMF mode the game is so easy hardly any enemies to need it for. Its good for some people im sure but the game just doesn’t feel right without the high volume of enemies.

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