3 lane "Conquest" like map/game mode

So I’m back…because I love this game. I think a true moba map would draw in LOADS more moba guys to play this. Meltdown is cool but the map it’s self is to cramped. Even the ice map is very claustrophobic. The single lane of incursions reminds me of joust, a Smite game mode. I think a 3 lane mode with towers and a ACTUAL jungle would be amazing, especially in first person. I can see it now Orendi in mid, Atticus in solo and Boulder and Oscar Mike in duo with Deande lurking in the jungle for the gank. OHH THE GOOSEBUMPS!


Agreed. I’d like to see a more MOBA type map. I think the problem in creating it is that all the characters are too hybrid for set roles. Not saying something can’t be created, but I fell that’s why we currently have Incursion and Meltdown (both of which have the minion wave idea and in Incursion the thing you’re protecting can fight back, like Titans/Towers/Phoenixes in Smite).

I would love to see a larger map with something like the Fire Giant and Gold Fury mixed into the lanes. Also, there are already jungle mobs technically, so they can just add in those elements.