3 minutes in and surrendering because of disconnect

I dont know about you guys but i just had 2 game in a row where someon disconnected less than 5 kinutes in on my team. I shouldnt have to forfeit an entire match im doing relativly well in due to being outnumbered. Gearbox, PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEASE allow others to join in progress. This is one of the only MAJOR flaws i see with this game and it reeeealy pisses me off.

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Same happens to me a lot.

Just what a want to wait to wait in a queue for a ridiculous amount of time only to replace someone who is most likely under leveled and most likely in a losing match as opposed to having Gearbox fix the underlying problems that are causing people to disconnect in the first place. Iā€™m looking at all the people that disconnect because of whatever character lore criteria they are chasing was not met at the launch of the match.

Wouldnt be a problem if they gave the new player a rounded up average of the team.

Why would I want to join a game in progress when I can start a new game?

Why would I want to join a game where my team is already losing?

Why would I want to join a game where my character is under leveled?

While players quitting a game sucks and usually guarantees a loss, it doesnt happen all that often (to me at least). I would absolutely hate to be forced into a game in progress.

What they need to do is enforce stricter leaver penalties. Having to sit out the game you left (which will probably be over within 5 minutes) is not enough of a punishment. Reducing XP and credits earned by 75% for the next X games without leaving would be a good start in my opinion.

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Or let players pick a queue for random game in progress as a fill in.

In overwatch you get bonus exp for being a fill in playet. They could give bonus credits for these in Bb.

In overwatch they also got leave game penalties as well.

Seems overwatch has all the gameplay mechance figured out quite well. They learned from fps history and previous games mistakes.

Gearbox is committing the same mistakes and amateur game design thay some of the first fps released have done