3 "Montana" build items

I loved playing the Montana fire self damage build in battleborn. Basically you would augment your minigun to deal fire DOT damage. Then you would augment it again so instead of it overheating, you would do increased damage depending how overheated it was. The trade off was the gun would start to burn you, and the longer you kept firing the more damage you would deal to yourself. Here are 3 new items/changes to make a build like this in borderlands 3.

Embrace the pain rework Or additional Embrace the pain version (Rare Redistributor vs legendary Redistributor)

This gun will now have a 100% elemental chance that wont stack on the same target and the gun can’t break, but this version will consume ammo while overheating. This gun will apply an equivalent fire dot to yourself for every unique fire DOT source being applied to an enemy. So you could have this guns dot, a granade fire dot, and a nova sheild fire dot, for a total of 3 maximum self fire DOTs.

The lumber jack Moze class mod

Skills - Experimental munitions maximum +1, Scorching rpms maximum + 3, Vampyr maximum +5

Effect - 50% of self damage is negated and applied to your next shot.

So lets say you are doing 900 fire DOT damage a second to yourself, you will take 450 damage per second and your bullets will deal 450 more fire damage.(as initial damage not as a dot) Or lets say you hit yourself with a nukem for 15000 damage, you’ll only take 7500 damage and your next shot will deal 7500 extra kinetic splash damage. Note it will only be the next shot because it was a single self damage hit but if you have a continuous dot on yourself it will apply the damage to every shot untill the dot or dots are clensed.

Rampage of the Psycho Nova shield/roid shield

A modified version of the Flame of the firehawk

On sheild depleted release a continuous fire nova untill recharge starts. Must fully recharge to refresh.

+3% health regen/sec

Nova damage - low

Roid damage - medium

Capacity - medium

Recharge delay - Long

Recharge rate - low

Existing items

Elemental projector - note the more damage you add the more self damage mitigation you’re going to need to find.

Have you ever played Krieg? He had some self burning abilities in his skill trees. If you haven’t, you might want to check him out!