3 More Points Huh

It doesn’t seem too great to me, that said

This spec seems cool with blast master, since you couldn’t hit desperate measures and short fuse and still get redistribution.

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Deathless Blast Master, man! I would get Fire in the Skag Den thou, cause free damage.

I reckon something like this will be the new IB meta. With points in deadlines and grizzled replacing PTHP and MoD if going for duration and cooldown. It’s every bear boosting skill point, all three best hardpoints and 3 points in vampyr, which couldn’t be reached before. Very flexible build.

I can see that they set the cap increase to 53 to prevent us from unlocking two capstones. But it does amuse me in a sense that they overlooked other things that are arguably more powerful than that, such as Short Fuse combined with maximum points in both Scorching RPMs and Drowning in Brass. Gearbox may as well invoke the spirit of Face McShooty at this rate.


It’s enough to shake up the meta, and that’s fun. It’s a good excuse to overcome my hoarder instincts and clean out the bank. I feel for the folks with multiple mules though. Rough.


This is the first build I punched in as well.

I see no other reason to switch that up. Maybe taking SRPM over Short Fuse, but meh.

2 capstones isn’t even good on moze really. I mean Short Fuse and Forge would be convenient but not much more powerful.

Edit: I hope they don’t fix the SSB/SF boost… Then I’m not going to bother with SF.


Yep. The short fuse boost is the only reason I went back to it.

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I was super excited to put 3 points into “WCICATG” but y’all convinced me to dig deeper.


I might be lacking in creativity, but I struggle to understand how to use three more points. They don’t seem game-changing at all, they might just give some more bonuses to already existing builds but apart from that this tiny level cap increase seems to have all the negative sides and none of the positive sides of leveling up.

What do you want your build to do that it currently can’t? Look at what you couldn’t reach that you can soon? Work from there. Might not change your world but might give more utility? Give it a go. Might be one particular weapon that wasn’t performing but needed a little stat kick? Think outside the box. :smiley:

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Imho, best thing to do is look at a particular skill you value most or create a build around and see if those extra points contribute to it in some way. As I said above for example, Short Fuse can now be supported by 5/5 in both Scorching RPMs and Drowning in Brass. Or you can take away 1 point from SRPMs and allocate it to Experimental Munitions, which will make any Maliwan/Torgue allegiance build (as well as grenades boosted by PtHP) a hell of a lot more deadly.

Another good example is if you wanted to make an allegiance build without dipping into the SoR tree, you’ve now got enough points to max out Cloud of Lead, Matching Set, The Iron Bank, Scorching RPMs, Stoke the Embers, Click, Click and also claim Redistribution, Some for the Road and Forge while maxing out Vampyr in the DW tree.

Whenever I make builds, I’m keen on leaving a little extra in reserve so that when level cap increases such as this happens, I’ve got a really good choice of skills for those extra points. My Metal Gear Bear build for example now has 3 extra points that can go into either maxing out Vampyr for more sustain or Desperate Measures for more DPS.


Two major things I’ve noticed straight up:

Iron Bear builds can now take EVERY hardpoint boosting skill, as well as taking a minimum of three points in vampyr. You can sacrifice corrosive sabots for more points in vampyr with little penalty. Combine with a 160 splash annointed gun and a quick reloading shield with extra health and capacity on ASE and you physically cannot improve an Iron Bear build without exploits. (Bar two more points in vampyr). At least as far as raw damage output is concerned.

  1. For Blastmaster builds, the struggle will be:
    Do I put three points in click, click or sacrifice a few from iron bank and go to full armoured infantry and drowning in brass. I’ll be doing some M4 MTD runs tonight to figure this out.

  2. Bonus round! I haven’t found a great bloodletter since hitting lvl cap so I haven’t looked at it from this angle yet. I’m feeling it might make grabbing the grenade revive or bigger mags a better option, or even maxing out all options in the first three blue tiers a worthy choice. Hard to say. I’d love more experienced bloodletter commentary on this.

Yeah, I probably should try to reboot my standard layout for my builds. I have spent so much time min-maxing my points now that I can’t think of a different way to spend my points.

It might be a good idea to try allegiance builds. I’ve recently convinced my friends (who play fl4k and Amara) that Moze is the superior and only choice, so we are planning to do an m4 campaign each with a different allegiance. Maybe this is my occasion to just go for something new.

Not much, really :sweat_smile: My blast master build already works wonders, the only use I can think of is putting 3 more points in SRPM to make SF deadlier. But, IDK. While it’s true that I am making my build stronger, I am also not adding anything new to it. I would have liked at least 2 more points.


They’ll come. It’ll take eight more points, and Moze will be go from number 4 to number 1, because all four major damage types will be available on her trees, and the two special multipliers will be available via com and artifact.

For me, extending my build is either three points in click click, which is very tempting. Sacrificing mag size in return for armoured infantry, which could be worth it if the damage reduction and gun damage bonuses are significant, or I could plough all the points into IB cooldown and spare grenades.

I’m going to say it again, three points is enough to reach EVERY IB enhancing skill, that isn’t kill skill reliant. If you can’t make the bear work from there, go play Amara. I’ve been reading the salt on the update news post and the salt coming from some posters here, whose opinions and input I truly respect has been absolutely appalling. I’m not singling you out bud, at all, but come on. Some of you need to pull ya heads in. Edit: offensive language.


I am sure they will; I just don’t like the small incrementals, it almost makes me want to quit and play only after the increase will become more sizable.
But I know that it won’t happen; I am just too salty right now and I am complaining even if the update still hasn’t rolled out yet.

I am pretty tempted by this, even tho all of my IB build variations lacked impact during cooldown. I should maybe try them again now with the extra points, or just do a new build from scratch so I don’t feel like I have to rely on my previously farmed gear.

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I think that’s the spirit. I’m gonna delete my bank, (well sell, I have alts that need sdus), and start fresh. I know what I want to keep now, I don’t need eight different cutsmans just in case, I’ve narrowed down my best class mods, I don’t need to keep fifty in case some undiscovered interaction makes them viable, we’ve pretty much nailed that in these forums. In fact, I’m still farming for a better mod, I still haven’t had that GOD ROLL last stand victory rush drop. And as a filthy casual, I’ve still managed to claw my gear and knowledge to a place where I managed to solo Wotan. Sweet. I’ve got three more DLCs and other events, and mayhem 2.0 to sink my teeth into coming. Keen.

I think the extra 3 points have brought her a little closer to the others just because Moze’s best and most important skills happen to be in the first 4 tiers of each skill tree. She doesn’t really need to place any emphasis or importance on her capstones. They’re all good in their own ways but they’re not super-critical to the point of being must-haves no matter what; you can easily make a solid build for Moze with 0 capstones involved and the same could be said of Zane.

As for her jumping from #4 to #1 with more skill points, that also depends on a) whatever new class mods are on the horizon and b) whether or not Gearbox start adding more skill trees for each character. When people talk about the pecking order of characters from strongest to weakest, they tend to mean how they compare to each other when they perform with their absolute peak-meta builds with that one special class mod that reigns supreme above all others.

But if you’re comparing them in terms of their entire range of skills and their range of class mods that help them shape their own unique identity in a variety of ways, then the entire pack are much closer to each other overall and then yes, I would agree at the very least that Moze would no longer be sat at #4 when more skill points are available to us in the future.

I’d just wish for a class mod where I don’t have to wait for my damage to build up (looking at you blast master and green monster) and just straight buffs me like other character mods (looking at you, seeing dead and bounty hunter).

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yeah, not sure what to do with these 3 extra points either. a quick glance over my current most used builds right now, my “flakker” build gets most benefit. 3 to StE.

Yeah i’m not really sure what I’ll do with the extra 3 points. Maybe i’ll go into scrappy. I always liked that skill since i’m always swapping to and from rocket launchers, I just couldn’t ever afford it

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