3 Multiplayer BIG problems

1 - it crashes A LOT on loading screen, i said A LOT!!!
2 - password bug, rooms request passwords when there is no password set.
3 - Region lock, i have no clue why we are stuck in our regions for multiplayer, i though you guys didn’t wanna to split the player base, that is why remastered were merged…

Those 3 things need a fix ASAP!
i got already 6 hours only in multiplayer and were able to play only 2 1vs1 games, because of those problems.

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“waiting for other players to finish loading”

I’m getting so tired of this!!!


I have been getting games of 3v3 and 2v2 every 30 mins, as the game end by then.


Every game over 4 or more ppl lags out big time… :frowning: zz

I went into my Steam settings and changed my download ‘region’ to New York USA = I can now host/connect to games with US players. Hope this helps…

Yep, extremely buggy multiplayer experience right now. It has killed the amount of people playing multiplayer. Only like 10 games right now in the USA right after work. Sad.

Indeed: the vast majority of my games stall forever (well, I give up after ten minutes) at “Waiting for other players to finish loading”.

Perhaps this is related to the “Downloading content” loading stalls reported elsewhere? People in the same game experiencing that are presumably the ones who are failing to finish loading, leading to my indefinite wait.

Honestly, at the moment, the multiplayer is essentially unplayable: finding a game is difficult because most of them erroneously report having a password, and when you finally get set up, it crashes more often than it works.

Not cool.


“Downloading content” is a gamebreaker for me too. I’ve managed to play around 20% of the games we’ve tried to play, always due to somebody (at random) getting that downloading content stall that prevents them loading up.

I don’t however believe there is a password bug. I’ve joined plenty of games without passwords with no problems, and likewise, people have joined my password-less games without hassles. I think a lot of people are just setting passwords, either because they want to, or because they think they have to when they create the game.

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The password thing is a bug? Glad to know that. Here I was figuring the community was just trying to commit multiplayer suicide…


No, it’s not.