3 new Battleborn announced | Whiskey Foxtrot, Kelvin and Shayne & Aurox

Whiskey Foxtrot, Kelvin and Shayne & Aurox (from Left to Right)
Update on Battleborn.com

Created discussion topics if you want to go in-depth on these new heroes, enjoy :slight_smile:


They look insane, good job!

On the officialy website it says Exclusive. Does it mean it will be avalible to only one console? If yes Wich one?


Only the coverage of these heroes is exclusive for now, as these parties have been given the chance to show them first to the public These 3 heroes are part of the 25 characters that will launch with the game and therefore be available for everyone.

Oh thanks. I was worried about exclusivities.

Hm… Lots of videos lately. It hide something.

Btw, Kelvin is giving me Skulk vibes from Natural Selection and the Xenos from Aliens vs Predator, with the “eyes in mouth” type. Hope to see his Helix soon (Same with Whiskey Foxtrot, to a lesser extent)

Well sonuvabitch. Whiskey Foxtrot. Credit where credit is due, you called it. The curveball was making him a Rogue instead of a Peacekeeper. I dig it.

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I told you it sounded a bit like Oscar Mike. Whiskey Foxtrot is a early batch of the “Mike” clone soldiers :smiley:

All that’s left is 2 LLC characters. Probably kleese and I’ve still got that gut feeling numero 25 is gentleman claptrap

Awww, no support :frowning: I want heals! Gimme heals!

But those are some sweet lookin’ battleborns. Whiskey Foxtrot looks like my kind of psychopath, I’m sold!

dw dood, you’ll get a LLC support, it’s the owl lady AI, I’m calling it here man

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I have no idea who “owl lady AI” is but it sounds like something I wanna play :smiley:

He’s talking about nova but I don’t think she’s going to be a playable character since she introduces multiplayer battles.

All three of these will be available on all platforms

i’m excited to play shayne & aurox. whiskey foxtrot looks very borderlands-y. any1 want to tag tank team boldur and kelvin? i still think nova is llc hero no. 24 or 25

ok but it will be amazng