3 New Legendary and Rainbows



Uranus drops Pearl. Not like other brother of solar system.Borderlands%202%20(32-bit%2C%20DX9)%202019-06-10%20%EC%98%A4%EC%A0%84%208_21_54


Uranus dropped me a Butcher.

That’s never going to get old.

Still haven’t seen a rainbow weapon though. Can I get a rainbow out of Uranus? Heh!

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I got one more Infection Cleaner. I guess it has BANDIT grip. It looks not that rare. You will get one soon.

And here is my new BANDIT Tech

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About Infection Cleaner. It refills ammo like Avenger. And It comes with fire elemental. Pretty good DPS.

OMG I got 3 IC until now…

And I met the poor guy again…

Rainbow Relic Mouthwash: Assault Rifle Damage. It raises damage of Toothpick(I guess this is rainbow rifle?)

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Damn 4th IC…I should stop posting with this very common weapon.

My new rainbow assault rifle Toothpick.

The Novashield ‘Easy Mode’

The card reads, “When Peak Opener is fitted, the demage increases in combat at Raid on Digistruct Peak.”

This is new legendary. Simply speaking, Electric Hornet. Cool.Borderlands%202%20(32-bit%2C%20DX9)%202019-06-10%20%EC%98%A4%ED%9B%84%2012_52_47
And this new JAKOBS Legendary sniper is so cool. It bores…The Bore.

Speaking Legendary Butcher. What a simple explain.

Hmm…I don’t sure about the Bore…Don’t believe me about that. You should check it yourself…

Ur-Anus drops a lot of good ■■■■ :joy::joy:

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New Rainbow grenade ‘The Electric Chair’ is pretty good, especially with Sal’s double throw

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The name of the planet was felt so from the beginning…lol

Shock with 1st shot, and 3 explosive child grenades. Pretty good.