3 new skill points

With zane builds being more open than other characters where will you be putting your 3 new skill points?

I think I’ll just add 30% to my shield in green tree, pretty happy with how my skills are now that will just make me more tanky.

I did a little bit of points juggling to see what I felt worked best for me and had easily the biggest bang for my 3 bucks by maxing out borrowed time. With one point in Good Misfortune and a seeing dead mod they seem to never go down now. I’m not rushing about desperately looking for something to shoot before they time out any more. Bliss for my lazy Zane. :wink:

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Tested last night, made the Hellwalker/Maggie a sniper rifle.

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3 points fitted nicely in supersonic man

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I put 3 on praemunitus.

I’m using seein dead com and I was juggling a bit. I tried using ccc and seein dead/good misfortune but lost to much DPS. I just tried 2 point in borrowed times and it changed my life being able to breath between each thing to shoot.

I’ll try maxing it and leave only one in Good misfortune to see next!

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CCC seems best with executor and spread weapons. I switch with Barrier and SNTL anoints, You can one shot most enemies w/ maggie or hellwalker since the cluster is tight with Nerves of Steel. Also recommend a band for shield so you can keep the shield up in time to proc CCC.

Those 3 points actually changed my build quite a bit.
I was running the typical chain zane with slight modifications.

With those 3 points i ditched the green tree eintirely, and am using barrier without any augments; red tree up to 3/3 TotL because i play multiplayer often and i think its generally a very good skill especially with Redistributor and barrier, rest into blue including seein red, i like the headstart, just qol not nesicary tho

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