3 player offline Co-op player nav point problem

So whenever I play 2 player or 4 player offline co-op I have no problems… but when I play 3 play co-op, the 2nd and 3rd player (players with the quarter screen) do not get the player cursor over their teammate’s character’s head. 1st player (which is using the half screen) has no issues. It makes it a lot more difficult to revive or sometimes even find your teammates because the cursor with their player name is WAY up in the sky randomly. As I said before when we played 4 player we had no issue at all but the two times I’ve played 3 player it happened. It is very very annoying. Anyone else getting this issue on ps4?

I have been having the same issue. I’m surprised someone from Gearbox hasn’t responded yet. This is getting very frustrating.

Seriously. I’ve even sent in a ticket and it’s still being “processed.” Not even a simple reply.

Support is most certainly experiencing more tickets than usual at this time. Rest assured they will get to your ticket.

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Thanks Kitty_Jo. I’m not hard to please, just wanted a little assurance. :slight_smile:

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