3 Player Split Screen Gamertags in wrong positions

For some reason when a couple of friends and I try to play Borderlands 2 in the handsome Jack Collection in split screen, the players on the bottom don’t see gamertags in the correct places. They are always way off to the left and really small as if they are far away. You can see this in the picture I uploaded. After doing some tests I found it’s not an issue with 2 players but something happens when it becomes three. Anyone know a fix for this or is this an issue we just have to deal with. Thanks

I’m guessing something about the asymmetric layout with 3 players is throwing off a coordinate calculation somewhere.

Not ideal, but does signing in a guest/dummy account as a passive fourth-player fix the placement?

No harm in filing a bug report, either:


I don’t have a fourth controller to try that with. I did file a report a few days ago, and haven’t heard back yet.

They’re probably a little snowed under with everything going on right now. Usually, you should get an automated email within a couple of hours, and a human response in 1-2 days. But these are not usual times!